Seaweed A Must In Modern Diets


seaweed Who has not heard of seaweed as a health therapy? I would tend to believe most have, but have not really got around to finding out more about it. Today of course, the big thing about seaweed is that it is one of the best ways of increasing the fiber content in ones diet.

Researchers from the Newcastle University have endorsed the view that by adding, the extracts know as ‘alginate’ from seaweeds, foods high in fat and calories would be made a lot healthier than they other wise would be.

So will a daily dose of seaweeds in your diet help you fight off that obesity? Well this is what is at least being suggested for all the lovers of the finger fries, burger eating people of today. All of us who are just too used to all those extra rich types of food that are likely to make us prone to heart disease, diabetes as well as being over weight are being advised to make this simple change in our diets.

Those who have researched seaweeds say it is good for our health as the alginates have several benefits. Since alginates are odorless as well as being tasteless it can be potentially added to any thing that you may want to. In other words, it can be added to all those fattening foods and not have to worry about forgoing the taste. This is what makes seaweeds such a big seller for a lot of people.

A research team headed by Professor Jeff Pearson came to the conclusion that it is difficult to change people’s habit of eating. This is why he feels that by adding seaweeds to their food they can reduce the bad effects of the fat intake. So in his thinking the fat content in a burger can be substantially reduced by adding some seaweed into the burger. The alginates will accordingly help in decreasing the risks of the extra fat you may have consumed.

Seaweed for your information is an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and zinc. We all know just how healthy that set of minerals is for us. A good way to get this intake is by buying bread made from seaweeds. It will contain at an average four times the amount of minerals as compared to white bread.

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