Same Girl-Better Sex


With the ease of a relationship, it is but natural for the flames of sexual attraction to start flickering just a wee bit too slow for you to always enjoy the passion of the new, exciting bonfire-like situation of when your romance was a thing to be tamed. However, with a few, easy, effective tips on enjoying better sex with the same girl, you can get out of the rut of a sexual relationship that has become too predictable and boring to kick-start a new wave to your boudoir capers that has her moaning with pleasure – and begging for more.

Begin by being adventurous, perhaps, even keeping nothing off limits for either partner, be it fantasy following or dressing up, if that’s what charges them up. The thrill and anticipation of a new position, which may well require the skills of a contortionist but are likely to build up the intensity if you ensure eye-contact and preliminary passionate talk (or non-talk, if that’s a change from regular), so do indulge in some as ‘normal is boring’ for more people than Fido-Dido from the 7-up ad. Remember that novelty breeds passion as it increases the dopamine levels in your brains, according to Professor Helen Fisher, a renowned biological anthropologist wo has been studying relationships and the link between romance and sex drive for over two decades. According to Prof. Fisher, “if you keep doing things that are new and different, you have a better chance of satisfying the romance,” which is the most important glue-factor for binding a relationship together. So, even if your partner isn’t ‘into that stuff’ you can always talk things over to ‘exchange fantasies and do everything just once’ and be willing to do the same for her as well, which makes it a kind of straightforward and fair deal.

Combining exercise workout routines with your partner is another way to ensure passion is truly pumped up and sweat acts as an aphrodisiac: this is because energetic activities like cardio exercises (jogging, running, spinning or even dancing) tend to release endorphins (the happy hormones that boost moods) to relax you, according to Gregory Florez, fitness consultant and personal trainer, which causes skin temperatures to rise, thus heightening your sense of touch and making it a great time for intimacy.