Salary negotiation myths


After a tedious search and after a superb interview the salary negotiation process starts for an experienced professional and this stage is generally taken care by the Human Resource of an organization. This stage is very confusing in nature and also not very transparent one for a candidate. Generally there are many preconceived ideas which remain in the mind of the candidate and at the end sometimes the candidate loose while negotiating the salary for a good position for which he has proved his expertise.

Let’s talk about some of the dos and don’ts which can make your job search a very successful one after getting a handsome salary as per your expectation. Most of the professional’s do not discuss about expected salary in the recruitment process clearly and finally land up with a mediocre one. They think that if they discuss freely about salary then the organization might choose another candidate suitable for the position.  But this is not correct as we have to understand that if the role and the skill set required for the role is present within you then you will be most preferred candidate as company always tries to get the correct candidate and salary comes as per your expertise.

Always we have to remember that the salary we are receiving will be treated as our base salary and any increment will be on this basic pay. Hence you will never get the expected hike as your base salary at the beginning is very low. There is also a preconceived idea that if a person is asking for less salary then his or her chance of getting selected increases but again this is not a correct one.

If we think realistically then we will understand that a person with good amount of skill and required expertise why will settle down with low pay structure and will always get stuck to the entry level payment structure. So be bold and discuss about salary at the time of settlement with the company. Again a very dangerous thing is verbal promises so please do not leave your current job on the basis of verbal promise as it may not be counted at a later stage. So now most of your salary negotiation myths might have gone away and you are in a position to get the salary you deserve from your employer!!!