Rules of Attraction: Increase Your Success Rate

How To Attract Women

The “look” is the first thing to do when you are trying to catch the attention of someone you are attracted to – it is the first step in the art of effective flirting. Do it right and it will seriously enhance your pulling power. Do it wrong and you may turn off that cute woman over there in a second, by coming across like a guy who needs to go shave his back.

The “look” is one of the most important sexual body- language techniques on the planet. In an ordinary face to face conversation your words account for just seven per cent of the impact you make (the figure’s even lower in a chat-up context) but the tone of voice you use scores less than four per cent, and your body language (including facial expressions) accounts for more than fifty per cent of the impression you make on others.

It is one of the great inequalities of life that some people can just do the look instinctively, while others can’t. But fortunately, though ‘body language is one of the most powerful influences you can have on people, you don’t have to be born talented in this department: you can get it right. Learn how to do the look step by step, practice in secret, then when you’re good and ready, unleash it on the next gathering you go to, and there you will have women pulled to you immediately. So you have met some one you like. You have been watching them from the corner for a while and think it is about time to make a move.

This is how you go: Make eye contact first. Women are only supposed to glance for a second and then look away for a bit. The second glance has to be more meaningful. Men can hold the glance for a second more, with a little bolder stare as if they are smitten. Stand in front of a mirror before you try it out in a party. Make sure you don’t tell your friend that you have found some one interesting or they are bound to look at her and make it embarrassing for her. Always walk with your stomach in and enjoy whatever that you are doing. Don’t frown or look bored. A right look can increase your pulling power immediately and increase your chance of dating immensely.