Risky Sex Locations

Sex Locations

The truth is that risky sex is not for everyone. You could easily get into trouble by getting caught without any pants on, and you could be punished severely. You could get arrested, fired, even attacked. Doing this requires boldness, but it can provide an amazing rush of adrenaline and strong set of emotions.

The feeling of being naughty can be amazing, it can be just the thing you need to spice up your sex life. Read on to find out more about some of the locations where you could do this with your partner, the risks that it involves and how to minimize them.

The parent’s place – This can be a lot of fun; having sex with the risk of getting caught by a relative can give an adrenaline rush. At first it may probably sound like a goofy idea, and for what you know it probably is, but there is something strangely satisfying and hilarious about it. You can do it during the day in the bathroom, spare bathroom or the garage, while your parents do whatever they do during the day.

But it could end up very embarrassing if you get caught, so taking measures is a necessary thing to do. Be very careful and after you are done, be sure to clean yourself up as well as any mess you might have made.

At the office – Sex at work is very unprofessional, sure, and you could get into deep trouble if you get caught. Unless you are the boss that is. But whatever your sex position, having sex at the desk can be very sexy. If you do not work in an office, consider having sex outside, in the park, behind a tree, etc. Oftentimes offices have storage rooms.

These could be the perfect places to get naughty in because you can lock them. The thing is that it is really wise not to get caught doing it at work, so make sure you play it safe and lock the door. It also helps to have a back up plan because you never know. Another good place to have sex at work is the bathroom.