Relationship Death By Disappointment


If you are playing a card game like ‘Bluff’ every body knows telling lies and cheating are part and parcel of playing it right; however, the stakes are definitely higher in a romantic relationship, so unless you are the regular rolling stone who doesn’t quite want to stick around for long, we don’t recommend doing either in yours!

But, simply avoiding these two relationship risks is no guarantee for enjoying a long and loving relationship, according to experts: you can still end up disappointing your woman in other ways and cause your relationship to die out if you don’t care of some essential values. What these are, have been covered below: avoid bringing them into your current cosy scene to prevent relationship death by disappointing your gal!

Figure out your girlfriend’s expectations from you; live up to them as realistically as possible. For example, talk to her which part of your persona appeals most to her e.g. the charmer, the flirt, the secret lover or the dirty-talking teen revisited etc. and bring on these varied aspects to your personality when you see she is feeling low or needs cheering up. She’ll appreciate your attentiveness and warm up to your eccentricities easily enough to love them all, as an extension of you thereafter and it’ll be smooth sailing soon enough.

Women have long-term memories and if you are the type that forgets birthdays, anniversaries (or worse, a special date that she was particularly looking forward to), they are not likely to forget it or let you do the same, in a hurry. So, gear up for making a note of all the significant (if she’s mentioned it, its significant) details of her life (e.g. best friends, favourite childhood memories, worst nightmare, shopping loves, family woes, etc.)

Show her you’re as interested in her as she is! Find other ways to nip the feeling of disappointing her and thereby ruining your relationship by planning exclusive, impromptu presents, visits and dates for her. That way the message you send is ‘you are special, even on ordinary days.’ All women love that feeling – so give it in good doses to stay in their good books!