Reiki Massage–Healing through Universal Energy


Origins of Reiki massage
Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist who is a great advocate of inner healing practice, is the one who discovered Reiki. This could be well defined as ray-key. It is a balancing therapy which is proven to be a great path healer. It also gives divine enlightenment. The word Reiki is Japanese. It means force and energy of universal life.

What Reiki massage can do.
People believe that Reiki massage can relieve pain. It also empowers the body’s immune system and helps to solve delicate health problems. Scientist and psychologist have proven that the manifestation of pain in the body is frequently linked to 3 states. These are physical, mental and emotional states.

How Reiki works
The number of treatments that a patient needs depends on the exact nature of the disease. Disorders that could be described as chronic could take a succession of 3 treatments. For Reiki massage to be effective, the therapist will first check up the health condition of the patient. It is very important to know the root of each of the symptoms. This is because Japanese believe that, if the root of the sickness is not discovered and healed properly, the more severe the pain will be. It could temporarily be reduced, but after a certain period of time; it will come back even more severe than before.

The nature of the hands is very important for Reiki massage. When hiring a Reiki therapist, Japanese spa owners first feel the warmth of the hands of the applicant. This is because the healing is transferred through the hands. The first part of the massage is done by the therapist concentrating. That is when he internalizes the transforming energy to be used for the healing.

What people say
A lot of people who have tried it confess the warmth and how good they felt after the treatment. They have their inner energy stimulated so that bad forces like stress, pain and tension are replaced with a new and fresh energy.

There is nothing better than the natural process of relaxation. It is good to go back to the past when healing was done using natural ways.