Reasons For Stomach Pain When Urinating

Stones in the bladder

Stones in the bladder It is not good to experience any kind of pain in the body as it may symbolize a disease or trouble in any body part. Many people experience pain in their stomach and abdominal region when they urinate and this pain may or may not be accompanied with an itching and burning sensation near the urethra’s opening. This kind of a stomach pain can be cured in many ways, depending on the severity of the problem.

However, in order to treat a person from such a stomach pain which occurs while urinating, it is very important to understand the reason behind it so that the root cause can be known and treated at the earliest.

Reasons For Stomach Pain While Urinating

Urinary Tract Infection

The kidney, ureters, urethra and the bladder together form the urinary tract in a human body. If an infection occurs in any part of this tract, it is known as a urinary tract infection. This infection takes place when bacterial cells enter our body through the urethra, increase in numbers and reach the bladder.

Urinary Tract Infection


A person suffering from such a pain will experience abdominal pain, urinate frequently, pass small amounts of urine, show fever and tiredness. In order to treat the infection, oral antibiotics should be eaten so that the bacterial cells get destroyed and the person gets cured.

Stones in the Bladder

Small, hard masses of materials found in the bladder are known as bladder stones. They occur when crystals form in the urine due to partial emptying of urine from the bladder and the rest of the urine gets concentrated in the bladder. There can be many causes for the incomplete emptying of urine.

Common symptoms of this problem are pain in the stomach, painful and frequent urination and leakage of urine. This problem is generally treated by breaking up the stones and removing them with the help of a laser treatment or mechanical device, while surgery can also be an option.


The condition which affects the urethra is known as urethritis. The tube which helps the urine to travel through the bladder and get expelled out of the body is known as urethra. If the urethra gets infected, it may become inflamed and irritable, resulting in urethritis.



The male urethra also carries semen through it. The symptoms of this disease are a feeling of tenderness and pain in the penis, pain in the stomach, urgency to urinate and pain during urination. This problem can be cured by taking prescribed oral antibiotics.


When the prostate gland experiences inflammation, the condition is known as Prostatitis. This is quite common in males and is often caused due to a severe infection in the affected gland. This disease occurs in men whose sexual partners have a vaginal infection and transfer this disease through sex.

It can also occur if small and infectious stones develop inside the prostate gland, the person maintains poor hygiene or goes through any kind of surgery. Symptoms include erectile dysfunction, stomach pain, partial emptying of bladder and foul odor in urine. This problem can be treated with the help of proper medications.

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