Reasons For Muscle Mass Loss


musclesloss People who wish to gain muscles quickly must understand the fact that they are not going to end up achieving their goal if they do not follow any plan and simply go to the gym and shed all their energy.

The first thing that has to be noted is that they are stressing themselves too much by applying lots of force by doing heavy weight lift related workouts.

They should get clear that the force has impact on not only their muscles but also on our bones and tendons, which makes them weak. Only less amount of muscle strength is used to bear the resistance and after that, the bone strength is used.

The force we apply on the muscles can cause physical damage to them internally and the cells get weaker day by day if they don’t get the necessary nutrition.

We must have some control on the movements we do in our workouts and we should have some calibration to show the variation while we perform workouts. For example, the heart pulse can be monitored while we do workouts during the treadmill or other cardio exercises.

The speed or force with which we do workouts must be balanced in such a way that we do not exceed our safety limits.

Another major factor to be considered while doing workouts is that our muscles do not get growth during such activities. We can enhance our muscle mass only through rest and recuperation.

We can gain weight only during rest since our muscles grow only at that point of time. The growth hormone, which is the reason to break down our muscle cells and promote their growth acts on the body only when we take rest and during our sleep. So, it is highly important that we sleep for around 8 hours a day minimum.

Also many people workout sincerely but do not take good diet. Our diet is an important factor when considering the quantity of muscle growth. The resource we need for our body comes in form of calories that we consume in our food.

Especially food rich in complex carbs and proteins need to be taken in large amounts as they supply more energy and especially proteins are body builders

Consuming supplements is considered as a good choice by many people but it is not good in reality as they are expensive and can cause negative side effects. Many people start with a nice plan but if they don’t get instant results, they drop out their regular routine which is a major mistake.