Read her face to understand her soul

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The journey to the women’s heart is an experience of eternity. From Bible to modern day literature, the most controversial topic is “Her Soul”. Guys love from ages the beauty and the innocence of her soul but it may take few more ages to understand her soul. So here are few tips to understand her soul from her face.  Read her face to dive in to her soul through emotions and feelings. We guys must understand why we need to read our girl’s face and what the reason for understanding her soul first. The reason is Love.

We may think that we are bonded with a relationship with our partner of life but underneath flows a strong current of misunderstanding and cold flow of emotions. Do we really know each other? Do we really share the same pain and happiness every day. Most of the time the answer is a big “NO”. We guys think and expect a lot of reactions from her without understanding the reaction she is expecting.  So guys understand her soul and dive in to the heart of your lady. The depth is unimaginable and if we quote the poets and writers then the depth is not less than an ocean. Dive in to the soul and read her through the face which you see everyday.  Observe the difference in her facial expression. See the eyes are speaking different words and the face is expressing the huge variation and it is reflecting the soul in a unique way.

Sometimes the known face of your girl will turn to be an unknown one. The shades and colors of soul fall on her face. So if there is winter in her soul the face will be dropping and when it is spring time the face will be bright and shinning like thousand stars. Time and again you may find things very unpredictable and you may not find the exact reason of her gloomy face but keep on trying and soon you guys will discover the eternal soul of a lady whom you love the most. To the most astonishment the different shades of her soul will keep you wandering about the variations in her emotion which you never noticed earlier.