Public Places For Sex


Public sex can give you a hell of a ride but while the thrill you get from it might be amazing, it is important to be careful and try not to get arrested. We will list here some of the places where you can have a good time without getting caught.

The classroom. If you are studying at the university you know how boring it can get in the classroom, so you can try to lecture your partner instead. They most certainly have a schedule; you can see when a room is free and when it is in use. Often times they leave the doors open. Keep the lights off and try not to make too much noise, do not attract much attention. Also, be careful with the janitor.

Try it in the park. This is better than doing it somewhere in the woods because of the dangerous living creatures or poisonous plants that could be there. Go to a big park and find a remote hidden place, somewhere where there are not so many people. Also you can try to do it at night or when there are fewer people usually. Choose a place where you can hide if you are caught, even for a little time so you can pull your pants up.

On the train. If you travel by train for more than an hour, you could get busy with other things besides looking out the window or reading. Find an empty train car and get to business. A car with plush benches or seats is perfect for this. Do not do this when the train is full of people and wait until it is near its destination. It also helps if this is the last stop of the night and you move to an empty car.

In the cemetery. A peaceful and quiet place, so why not? They are usually open and if they are not, you could easily get in by jumping the fence. You just have to wait until nightfall; there probably will not be any one still there. In case someone sees you be prepared, choose a good quiet place and try not to make too much noise.