Protein Shakes


proteinshake Protein shakes or meal replacements play an important role in fulfilling the protein requirements of an individual’s body. Protein, which is considered as the building block of the human body, is responsible to build muscles and repair the damaged tissues.

Protein shakes are conventionally prepared from protein powder dissolved in water or milk. They are used as common bodybuilding supplements. These protein supplements consist of amino acids, responsible for growth and development of the body muscles.

For individuals having a busy schedule, these protein shakes serves as a good breakfast meal. It also helps in relieving unnecessary fat and increasing muscle strength.

Protein supplements are of great benefit for people who are strictly vegetarian. It provides a good alternative to obtain enough protein in their diet. These supplements are also beneficial for individuals facing digestive problems.

Protein supplements are generally pre-packaged powdered drink mixes. Protein powders or shakes are generally made from egg or whey. These diet supplements are rich in protein, are low fat, and are composed of a range of vitamins and minerals, as well as containing low to medium carbohydrates.

Further, these supplements have decent amino acid content. These diet supplements consist of a high biological value of protein (value that determines the ability of the body to absorb and use protein).

These supplements are absorbed quickly by the human body.
Recent research studies suggest several benefits of protein supplements.

These supplements are known to improve the fitness level in the body as it reduces stress and lowers cholesterol levels. It enhances the body immunity by increasing the enzyme glutathione (GSH) content.

GSH is a water soluble antioxidant found in the human body.  It improves the liver functioning, increases the lean muscle mass, aids in muscle repair, and reduces blood pressure level. Research also suggests that protein also helps to prevent cancer and fight HIV.

However, before subscribing to protein supplements, individuals must conduct their food allergy test. It is essential to consume organic and rich multivitamin food products together with these supplements to achieve maximum value of these products and to obtain an optimal health.

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