Pros And Cons Of A One Night Stand

Pros And Cons Of A One Night Stand

If you are tired of carrying the load of your virginity or you just want to experiment then a one-night stand can be just what you need. It can help you to forget the person who dumped you, it can make you feel good about yourself but it can also cause an irreparable damage to your life.

Pros And Cons Of A One Night Stand

So, before you decide to hit the pubs to find a good catch you must make yourself aware of the pros and cons of a one night stand.

The Pros of a One Night Stand with a Stranger

You get to enjoy mind blowing sex without any strings attached. You do not have to think about being dragged to the altar all the while you are indulging in carnal pleasure. Since there are no emotions involved you do not have to worry whether you are going to meet the expectations of your partner.

The no-commitment-sex helps you in loosening up. You can enjoy the sex without having any inhibitions. As you do not have to face the person again in your life you do not have to think what the other person is going to think about your preferences.

If you have been dumped or rejected by the person you love then a one stand can help in restoring your self-confidence. It can be a great feeling when the girl you have been eyeing in the pub shows her interest in you and wants to spend the night with you.

Last but not the least, a one night stand adds to your experience. It gives you something to boast about to your friends who always thought that you led a dull and uneventful life!

The Cons of a One Night Stand

The risk associated with a one night stand is that you can become vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Since you slept with a stranger you have no clue about the sexual health and history of the person. You might also make the mistake of having sex without using any protection.

Cons Of A One Night Stand

One of the emotional drawbacks of a one night stand is that it can make you feel dejected as there is no affection between you and your partner. You may end up feeling used. Other scenario can be that you end up hiding your one night stand from the person you are in a relationship with and the guilt can tear you apart. Sometimes a person may carry the guilt for the rest of the life. This is also bound to have an adverse effect on your future relationships.

Although men do not become attached with the girl they had no-commitment-sex with but you might feel different and develop emotions for the person. The situation might worsen when you realize that the person does not feel the same about you.

Should you or Shouldn’t you?

After you have carefully analyzed the pros and cons of a one night stand you can very well determine which road you want to travel. You have to decide whether you are willing to risk spoiling the rest of your life for a night of fun.

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