Propose – Learn About The Right Time And Occasion For Proposing

Propose a Girl

Proposing to your darling is an event of a lifetime for both you and her. It is one of the sweetest and romantic memories that both of you will remember fondly years later. So, it is important that you pop up the question in the right manner, at the right time and at the right place.

But making the event just perfect often causes so much of stress to some people that they reach their wits end and are unable to figure out how, when and where to propose to her. To make things simple and easy for you, here are some guidelines for making that significant moment really special.

Every woman dreams of being proposed in a romantic way. But the way or the wish may vary from one woman to the other. While many would love to be proposed in the middle of a party, many others would want it to be an exclusive and private affair for the two of them. Many would want to be proposed like the princess of a fairy tale while others would like it to be at some extreme location or situation like while mountaineering or diving. Therefore, it is very important to have an idea about your darling’s wish.

Even if you can’t make it happen in exactly the same way as she wants, you can at least implement a part of it in your plan. To know about her wish you can discuss about it with her close ones like her best friend or family members. Since, girls often express their wish quite openly, so it should not be a problem for you to find out her desire.

Consider the time of the day while proposing to her. It’s better to propose to her at a time when she is in her best mood. Planning the event at a time when she will not be able to appreciate it whole-heartedly will only lead to your disappointment.

There are certain days or occasions which are already special for all of us. Like a new year or her birthday are days when she is already in high spirits. Proposing to her then would only make her merrier and the day more special. Certain occasions like a marriage in the family or a friend’s wedding create a good ambience and encourage romance and hence are great time to propose marriage to your darling.