Proposal Ideas – Ideas That Don’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

proposing ideas

All women want to be proposed in an interesting and impressive way and most of the men are aware of this fact. But men often carry a wrong notion that impressive ideas are also costly.

Impressive idea is not one that is measured by the amount of money you spent on it, but how well it touches the love of your life.

So, to impress her with a good proposal you need to have a good idea and not a big budget. Some of the romantic but inexpensive ways of proposing to your sweetheart are mentioned here for you. So, go ahead and sweep your darling off her feet.

One of the most romantic and yet inexpensive ways to propose to your darling is by cooking for her and setting up a romantic dinner for her. She will be touched by this gesture of love and care of yours and will appreciate the effort that you have put in. Then you can present the cake for the dessert with “Will You Marry Me?” written on it and find the joy clearly in her eyes.

Take a picture of yours with a ring in your hand while you are bent on your knees. Write “Marry Me” at the back of the picture and send it to her by post or hand it to her yourself. Be sure to be present there when she opens the envelope and sees the picture. When she looks back at you, be in the same position as in the picture with the ring in your hand.

Take her for a date or picnic to the woods or in the sea beach. In advance, write “Marry Me” with flowers, stones, sea shells etc in a chosen location and take her to the spot. Expect nothing but a “yes from her after that.

Keep the ring and a card, with “Will You Marry Me” written in it, in her bed and let it be the first thing that she finds when she wakes up in the morning. Be there to catch the surprised and happy expression of hers.

Write “Will You Marry Me” on the wall or mirror of her room when she is not present there. She will be surprised to see it when she enters the room. Add to her joy by going on your knees and presenting the ring to her.