Premature Ejaculation Solution

Premature Ejaculation Solution

A Solution is Possible
Some men become desperate whenever they experience premature ejaculation repeatedly. Their self-esteem falls and they tend to blame themselves for any signs of worry or frustration in their spouses. It is possible to completely regain control of rapid ejaculation and to enjoy our sexuality to the fullest by following a series of exercises. Most of these can be done in the privacy of our homes and some of them can be done anywhere. Kegel Exercises, for example, consist of contracting the pc muscle, the one we use to control our urine. This Exercise is effective in strengthening our control of orgasm.

Control Your Breathing
The way we breathe during sex is very important. Rapid, uncontrolled breathing usually precedes our losing control of ejaculation. When we breathe calmly and deeply, we feel relaxed and more aware of our surroundings. We also tend to look on the world more positively and enjoy life even more. When we breathe raggedly, with short and rapid breaths, we usually feel highly stressed and our outlook is completely different. We should control our breathing right from the start of our sexual encounters because this would enable us to have more control over our orgasm.

Do Not Tense Your Muscles
Along with rapid breathing, we also tend to become tense while having sex. We tighten our muscles, producing a nervousness that tends to feed on itself and we become even more nervous. We should be aware of the exact moment when we tense our muscles and make a conscious effort to relax. This would lower the level of our sexual excitement and postpone ejaculation. We tend to tense the muscles in the groin area in particular and this action hastens our orgasm even more than the normal.

Other Methods That Control Premature Ejaculation
Along with these two simple techniques, we could also look at other methods that have proven useful in the fight to regain control of our ejaculation. One of these is the use of herbs that help to strengthen our sexual organs. Blood flow is increased and this helps to increase our stamina since we do not have to wait a long time for another erection. If we can experience quick and strong erections often, we would no longer be bothered by our premature ejaculation.