Possible Causes Of Pain In Legs

Causes Of Pain In Legs

Causes Of Pain In Legs Leg pain is the pain that occurs in the leg area between the heels and pelvis. Pain in the legs may be mild or severe depending upon the causes that lead to it. While routine reasons such as change of weather or age may cause temporary pain, more severe pain is an outcome of external injury or due to so many other diseases.

Also, problems in other adjoining areas may result in pain all over the area that includes the legs.  A pain in legs can be transitory, long term, acute or just ignorable. Checkout the following main reasons that result into the pain legs.

Leg Pain Caused by Trauma

Shin Splints

Also known as ‘medial tibial stress syndrome’ in medical terms, Shin splints refers to the pain just below or around the shinbone area. Too much pressure or stretching on the shinbone and the connective tissues (the interface between muscle and the bones), increase the pain.

Sports and other outdoor activities are highly recommended, but excessive strain may cause severe pains. Running or other stop-start activities such as squash, tennis, soccer or basketball may give rise to shin splints. Besides pain, other symptoms may include mild swelling and soreness.

Fracture in Leg Bones

Fractures are the any kind of break in the bones and cartilage due to external jerk or injuries. Leg Fractures are the most common cause of leg pains and usually occur when nerve endings in the tissues around the bones transfer pain messages to the brain.

Causes Of Legs Pain

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Fractures may be mild, medium or severe damage to the bone. In certain cases leg fractures cause muscles to spasm that triggers more pain.

Strains and Sprains in Legs

Leg muscles and tendons injured due to intense pressure or stretching are affected by strains, while sprains are the injuries specific to the ligaments. Strains occur while excessive tearing, twisting or pulling a muscle. Pain in legs due to strains may or may not be severe and sometimes vanishes in short time. Sprains may cause acute pain, weakness and even muscle spasms. Sprains usually arise due to trauma and form certain bruise that enhance the pain and make it intolerable.

 Compartment Syndrome

The syndrome arises when a particular portion of the leg is affected by intense swelling and pressure. It hinders in the functioning of blood vessels and connecting nerves. While mild symptoms may include tingling sensation and numbness, a severe pain may result in the loss of foot. Excessive pain may compress the nerves and lead to paralysis or even death.


Bleeding due to injuries or cuts may result in a lot of blood lost which causes severe pain. When blood keeps accumulating, it presses against the tissues bones and nerve endings. This causes inflammation and irritation transforming into never ending pain.

Leg Pain due to Other Diseases


Shingles is also one of the reasons that cause pain in different parts of body including legs. It is caused due to the virus named herpes varicella -zoster.

reasons for leg pain

The virus causes sharp or unbearable pain in muscles and nerves. Some people experience dull pain on various part of body while others feel a burning sensation. Initially, patient suffers from fatigue, fever and some common cold symptoms. After 2-3 days, some rashes will start emerging along with itching, numbness all over the skin.


Cancer has evolved as the most dangerous epidemic in recent times, and records high mortality rates mainly due to the intolerable pain it causes. Bone Cancer and prostate cancer are known to cause severe pain in the pelvic and upper leg area. Ovarian or cervical cancer may also leg pain.


Sciatica occurs due to irritation in the sciatic nerve. Nonstop irritation may slowly transform into pain that radiates from the lower back and flows to below the knee causing severe stress and pain in the complete leg area.

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It may also cause pain indirectly. Sciatica often causes herniated disc that directly presses against the nerves and result into pain. Pain in the leg is often accompanied by numbness and muscular weakness. The pain becomes worse in cold weathers.


Arthritis disease affects the muscular skeletal system, especially the joints of the body. The arthritis patient suffers from joint pain, inflammation or stiffness which lead to instability and weakness in joints.

A person becomes unable to perform his daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, working and walking. There are various forms of arthritis like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Infectious arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Scleroderma etc. Joint pain, swelling, decreased ability to walk or warmth around a joint are the common symptoms of arthritis problem.

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Diabetes is the foremost reason that causes pain in legs of an individual. A person may feel a tingling sensation in feet that spreads to the legs. This is the first symptom that indicates the occurrence of nerve damage. This problem is known as neuropathy, which may cause the sensation of needles in legs of an individual. The pain may be bearable in the beginning but do not ignore it as it can create several complications in future.

Other Generic  Causes


Consuming excess amount of alcohol also causes pain in legs. Alcohol consumption can damage your brain as well. It usually causes various problems such as burning pain, muscles weakness, tingling or sensitivity to heat. After drinking a few glasses of alcohol, some people experience pain in legs.

leg pain

There may be two reasons behind that. Firstly, consuming alcohol increases the lactic acid content in the body. Secondly, it leads to dehydration in your body. Due to this, the number of electrolytes starts decreasing which leads to muscle pain or cramps in body.

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps basically prevail in adults as well as in children. This problem becomes worse with the age. Almost 95% of population suffer from cramps in muscles in the life. This can be very painful and also develop various problems such as stretching problem, electrolyte imbalance and even dehydration. Cramps in legs and feet are quiet common muscle problem.

Hamstring injury

This injury occurs when the hamstring muscle get pulled or strained. This can cause sudden or sharp pain in the backside of the thigh while doing any physical activity. After some time, the swelling would take place along with bruising. It gives you an unbearable pain that leave you in tears.

Apart from the above mention points, there may be some other reasons causing pain in legs which indicates the cardiovascular problem or blood clots in the legs. Leg pain can occur due to the medical conditions that badly affect joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. It can be caused by several injuries as well.

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