Popular Mexican Drinks Cherished Most By One And All

Popular Mexican Drinks

Popular Mexican Drinks Mexico has a wide range of drinks to offer which belong to both alcoholic and non alcoholic groups. Here are some of the popular Mexican drinks that you will love to sip.


One of the most popular natural soft drinks available in Mexico is Tonicol. The soft drink has a cola base with creamed soda and naturally flavoured vanilla essence. This Mexican drink has all the natural ingredients like citric acid, concentrated vanilla essence and also the drink uses sugar instead of corn syrup. These natural ingredients make Tonicol a health drink with minimum implications on the health.

Aguas Frescas

One of the most popular non alcoholic beverages of Mexico is the Aguas frescas. This is basically a fruit drink with blended flavours. The drink is a combination of different sweet fruits like Guava, cantaloupes, mango etc or other cereals and seeds mixed with sugar and water.

Mexican Drinks

Tamarind too is used to make this drink. Another non alcoholic, non synthetic beverage product, Aguas frescas has become very popular in Mexico. In restaurants and food courts the drink is served with chunks of fruits to add decorations and an extra flavour to the drink.


Horchata is another very popular Mexican drink which has the same preparation techniques as Agusa frescas except that seeds are grounded and mixed with sugar and water instead of fruits. The drink is especially popular in the hot summers and has a beneficial health implication in being able to keep the body cool in the hot days.

It also acts as an energy booster. The seeds those are used in this drink are that of walnut, ground nut etc. The drink is also served mixed with rice and sometimes lemon juice. The procedure of making this drink involves grinding the stones in to powder and mixing them with caramel and water. The mixture is filtered and served raw.

Chocolate Drinks

Mexico is famous for its chocolate productions. Being the largest producer of cocoa, most of its drinks has some or the other component of cocoa. Some of the many chocolate based drinks which have gained popularity in Mexico are discussed in details below.

Mexican Drinks

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The origin of hot chocolate drinks can be traced back to Mexico. It is a hot beverage that contains powdered chocolate grains served with hot milk, sugar and cream. The best part about this drink is that it has beneficial health effects. Hot chocolate is known to be an anti oxidant stimulant that reduces the risk of heart disease. Cappuccino is another hot drink beverage that is also served cold and has gained popularity among the youngsters.

One more important chocolate based drink is Champurrado. An atole of Mexican origin, the drink mainly contains hominy flour, piloncillo, milk or water. Cinnamon, Vanilla seeds and also seeds of anise are used sometimes to add flavour to the drink.

The drink is made with the help of a wooden blender that whisks the milk or water with its ingredients till the mixture starts to froth. The drink is usually used as a staple food for breakfast or served with churros, a Mexican delicacy.

Alcoholic Drinks

Tequila, Mezcal and pulque are some of the alcoholic Mexican drinks which are popular. It is rather interesting to know that all the three drinks are produced from the same plant. Of the three drinks Tequila is the most popular one. The product is obtained from blue agave plants. The drink can either be taken directly as a single shot or sipped like other alcoholic beverages.

Tequila shots are prepared with salt and lime. Further variations are available in form of Margerita. It is basically a tequila shot that is mixed with orange beverages or lime juice. A piece of lemon must be added to add flavour to the drink. This particularly is served ice cold, either blended with crushed ice or with chilled lemon juice.

Most Popular Mexican Drinks

The other product obtained from Agave is Mezcal. The production of this drink itself is unique and has been passed on from generations unknown to the present day. The process involves the roasting of the ‘pinas’ or heart of the Agave plant in pit ovens.

Once roasted, the pinas are crushed and left to ferment with addition of water. The resultant liquid is distilled and stored for use. Traditional Mezcal bottles will have a larvae placed in it to add flavour to the drink. This particular drink is stronger than tequila as it is filtered just once before being stored.

Lastly pulque is another alcoholic beverage that has been obtained from the same Agave plant as tequila and Mezcal. It is a white beverage that is obtained by the fermentation of the sap of the Agave plant. This is an ancient drink that has its use date back to the Mesoamerican period. It is known to be rich in Vitamins and essential minerals like iron and phosphorus.

Mexican Beers

Besides the entire above range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks one must not forget the popularity of Mexican beers. Cerveza preparada is a Mexican beer that is served mixed with salsa, tomato juice or hot sauce. Basically the drink is tomato juice based mixed with half a lime juice.

The technique behind the serving of the drink is that the base mixture is served in a cold wine glass that has its rims speared with salt. The beer is poured later on to the mixture in order to mix it properly with the juice. Clamato, michelada are some other variations of cerveza.

Mexican Drinks

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Most of the above drinks have a pre historic origin with some dating back to the Mayan culture. There are references of the Horchata and the Mezcal being a drink allowed only to be taken by special people of royal or noble blood. The drink was considered so sacred that the punishment for commoners who would take the drink would range from jail to face sacrifice.

Brewing has been an ancient art that got passed down from generations to generations. Some of the most popular beverage companies still have villages working for them in the traditional methods of brewing some of the most lip smacking beverages. This is the reason why the branded Mexican drinks are so costly but people still are ready to shed some extra money to have a taste of these beverages!

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