Please Her With Your Fingers First


Applying a little finger technique to your lover’s vagina can have some wonderful results – provided that you are up to the task. Naturally, it is difficult to develop any one technique that will work every time.

This is especially true when you look at the many different women who are out there. You need to work out exactly what your own partner likes in order to get the right tempo, at the right time, using the right amount of play with your fingers.

If you want to learn how to please a woman with nothing but your fingers, you should read on to discover some wonderful techniques. Before you dive in and go at it with your best finger techniques, get her in the right mood first. You need to start out a little more slowly before you are going to be able to properly work your magic on her vagina. Don’t just dive in and have at it, because it’s a sure fire way to make a wrong move.

Here are the finger techniques you’ve been waiting for:

Rubbing the clitoris can be done many ways. This is the best place to go if you want to really stimulate her. If you have done your preparations correctly and gotten her in the mood, use the ends of your middle two fingers to rub her clit very gently.

Move around in tiny circles, but make sure that you vary things, otherwise you’ll risk over stimulating one single area. Keep up a steady tempo; while varying and gradually building up. Do not move too quickly, or you will risk breaking the moment which you have created. Watch your woman to see what she likes, and go with it!

If you have gotten your woman in the right mood, you can use your middle finger to enter her vagina, and increase the pace a little too. This is a particularly good technique to use if you intend to make her climax. If you combine this with the aforementioned technique, you will be able to really make her writhe with pleasure. There are many ways to please a woman, using nothing but your finger tips.