Physical Features That Attract Women To Men

Physical Features That Attract Women To Men

Physical Features That Attract Women To Men It is often said that “opposites attract”. So, it is but natural for men and women to get attracted to one another. But even then we often do not have a clear idea as to what attracts a man to a woman and vice versa.

For those men who are eager to find out what attracts women to men, what qualities women look for in a man, here is some help. While knowing a person, understanding his psyche or nature may come later, certain physical attributes or features attract a woman to a man in the first stage. Here we will let you know what physical features draw women towards men.


Tall men stand at an advantageous and scoring position when it comes to attracting women. Not only height adds to the personality of men but also creates a sense of pride, security and comfort in women. That’s the reason women prefer and are attracted to taller men than themselves.

Body Type And Build

A good, well built and strong body surely looks good. But it creates a stronger impression and effect on the mind or psyche of a woman. If a man has a strong and well maintained body then it ensures of his good physical health. This again provides women with a sense of security as they feel safe and protected from the rest of the world with such men. So women look for broad shoulders, broad chest, narrow waist and a fit body in a man.


Hair style has the capability to transform the personality of a person and thus is important in this case too. A good hair style is very important to attract women. But there is not fixed rule or guideline as to the cut or length of hair in men that women prefer in particular. Some women like men with long hair while others like short haircuts. But every woman does like a man who maintains hair hygiene, i.e., keeps the hair clean and healthy.

Face And Facial Features

Most women are attracted to symmetrical faced men. So men with larger lower face in comparison to the upper face are more attractive than others. Prominent brows, large eyes and healthy teeth also add to the attraction quotient of men. Some men have small but very expressive eyes. Many women fall heads over heels for such men.

Body Posture And Personality

Some men have most or all of the above mentioned physical features and are yet unable to attract women to themselves. The problem may lie with their body posture. A good body posture along with a good personality is a big draw for women. How one carries himself is very important and contributes to a large extent in attracting women. So stand straight and tall, walk with confidence and behave in the most decent yet manly way and soon you will be a magnet for woman.

Body Smell

Some men are gifted with a natural body aroma that is very seductive for women. But men who do not have it can surely help themselves with good body lotions, perfumes and body sprays. The last thing a woman would want is to get stuck with a man who stinks like a fish. So start smelling fresh and good and before you know it women will be drooling over you.

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