Penis Enlargement


penisenlargement There are several options for penis enlargement with men. Some of them are quite easy and some of them are expensive. The first thing is use of hand work outs to help in increasing the size of the penis.

We can do the workouts always so that we can get good penis enlargement ever. The use of hand workouts can help in increasing the penis size ranging from 1 to 4 inches easily in months. All we need to do is practice doing the workouts regularly to get the best results.

There has been a great madness among people who are not able to get the penis enlargement through hand workouts alone. Most of them opt for pills but getting it done through pills is not easy.

Only through proper medical treatment these penis enlargement pills can work out and if we do not follow the precautions it can lead to side effects definitely.

The medical procedure is not a significant method. Pills like vimax and [email protected]@ are good for the penis enlargement as they can increase the penis size during sexual arousal.

There are different type of workouts for penis enlargement like the PC muscle workout, jelging and some other workouts. The PC muscle workout is the use of vacuum to get the PC muscle in and out of the pelvis.

The second thing is the jelging. In this we have to do some shaky movements to raise the penis up and down so that we get a good blood circulation at the tip of the penis. It has to be done for 10 minutes daily and if we do it for a month, then our penis size can increase greatly.

Hand exercise can help increase the penis size up to 4 inches easily. We can add some weight to the penis so that the length is exceeded. But women will get pleased only if the girth of the penis is high and not the length of the penis.

Some of the lubrications can be used to do the penis exercises. We can give a warm up with towel soaked in hot water and after that do some slow jerking movements in the penis to increase blood flow and make it look big. Once this workout is done for 3 times a week and at least for 10 minutes then the penis size can increase considerably.