Options In Criminal Justice Careers

Law Enforcement Careers

Law Enforcement Careers Criminal justice is that branch or system of justice that helps an individual to detect a crime and deal with it in every possible way. A related career option is criminology but it involves studying criminal activities in a detailed manner and understanding its cause, cost and future consequences.

If you wish to build your career in the world of criminal justice then you should possess a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and have an excellent presence of mind, a sharp knowledge about the criminal world and be absolutly truthful. You can choose from a variety of career options in the field of criminal justice depending on your capabilities and special skills.

List Of Careers In Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement Careers

If you think that you are an individual who can enforce the rules and regulations set by the law in an effective manner and ensure that all civilians follow them, then you can make your career in this field.

You could become a police officer, detective, canine or conservation officer, park ranger, investigator of cruelty on animal, state trooper or a deputy sheriff. You should be quick and attentive at all times as this will help you notice crimes quickly.

Correctional Career

People who think that they can carry out the punishment to the wrong-doers, which has been ordered by the court, should work in this field.

Correctional Career

You could be responsible for collecting fines and processing them in the right manner, probation or parole. Career options in this branch of criminal justice include becoming a correctional officer or counselor, parole or probation officer or a juvenile or federal probation officer.

Legal Careers

The court or legal system in a country decides whether an individual is innocent or guilty of having committed a crime and if guilty, what punishment is to be given to him. A person choosing this kind of a career should be absolutely fair, and ensure the safety of the court system at all times. Career choices include becoming a judge, legal assistant, legal researcher, defense attorney, court clerk, prosecutor or a victim’s advocate.

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Forensic Science Career 

This career option requires an individual to be capable enough of finding evidence and reasons for crimes along with the specifications of the crime such as the time, date and day of crime, with the help of whatever information or material is available.

Forensic Science Career

Job profiles include a crime scene investigator, finger print examiner, accountant, artist, hypnotist, nurse, pathologist, psychologist or an anthropologist related to forensic studies.

Private Security Career

A person who can take care of crimes related to a single person or an organization consisting of some people and is concerned with the security and safety of a person, object or institution, works under this section of criminal justice.

These may include a loss prevention officer or manager, bail enforcement agent, security officer, fraud or insurance investigator or even a private investigator that has to work on the crime in all ways possible.

Other less relevant and low paying career options may include that of a public safety officer, community liaison officer, constable or a mounted police officer who help carry out the basic functions in any kind of crime scene.

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