Options In Communication Careers


Advertising career Individuals need to communicate with each other to express their feelings, share their thoughts and put their point of view forward on everything. Communication is not only a necessity of life but has also developed into a vast career option. People specializing in technical, organizational, public relations, advertising, business and intercultural communication can find some excellent job in careers related to communication.

In order to secure a job in this field, you should possess a college degree in mass communication along with an advanced degree be it a master’s or doctoral as this will be helpful though it is not compulsory. You can also do other certificate courses in communication which will increase your chances of getting a job in this field.

List Of Careers In Communication


Any company or institution needs to communicate with its target audience if it wishes to promote its brand, the products they sell or the services they have to offer. Advertising a product or service means using various modes of communication to pass across the message to possible clients and increase its awareness amongst them. You can plan to become a media planner, advertising specialist, researcher of public opinion or market or a media sales representative.

Community Service

You must understand the requirements of the community and related public affairs. You may be involved in the betterment of the community in general or be asked to take care of a special section of people who need to convey some kind of a message or put across a point firmly.

Community Service

You could work as a policy analyst, activist at grassroots level, messenger, designer and executor of a campaign or community liaison.


In this kind of a job profile, you make communication with various other business firms and companies on behalf of the company you work for. The career options include becoming a communication trainer, representative of industrial relations, customer service representative, personnel or human resource manager or even a negotiator.

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If your career option in the world of communication is related to health, you should possess a thorough and detailed knowledge about the world of medicine and your focus should be on improving people’s health and basic knowledge with the kind of communication that you make. These may include a health educator, officer engaged in health facility development, research analyst or a representative of a patient.


If you are a highly educated person and possess excellent communication skills, only then can you take up this career option in the world of communication.


Your job requires you to pass on the knowledge and expertise that you have acquired and educate others in various fields. This may include a college professor, high school teacher, university administrator, admission specialist or a placement officer in a college or school.

Public Relations

Public relations as a career option is taken by very few people as everyone cannot handle the stress and tension that is associated with it. You may have to deal with different types of people and may have to work under extreme pressure. You could consider becoming an advertising manager, media analyst, lobbyist, public affairs specialist or a development officer in a company.

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