Options In Biotechnology Careers

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineer Being a research oriented science; biotechnology is a combination of biology and technology and uses the knowledge of various other subjects too. Bio-technology is the process by which living things like cells and bacteria are used in an industry for various reasons.

Some of the important applications of this subject include developing medicines, vaccinations and diagnostics so that the productivity and production of energy can be increased and conserved.

There are many career options related to biotechnology and you can opt for the one that best suits your skills and qualifications. You should have a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology to be eligible for these career options, while a master’s degree in this field will open up various possibilities for you.

List Of Careers In Biotechnology

Biomedical Engineer

An individual who has an expert knowledge of forming body parts which are artificial in nature is known as a biomedical engineer. These body parts are known as prostheses. You can become a physical therapist, mechanical engineer, surgeon or computer hardware engineer if you have a master’s degree in this field. Being an extremely complex study, not many people are able to achieve what it takes to become a biomedical engineer.

Forensic Scientist

Also known as crime laboratory analyst, a forensic scientist helps to provide very vital scientific information about a crime that has been committed.

Forensic Scientist

He investigates the crime scene, the related materials and objects and gives important details like the date and time of crime, nature of crime and the methods used to commit the crime. Based on these reports and information, the court of law decides whether the accused is guilty or not guilty.

Clinical Laboratory Technologists

Such a job profile requires an individual to detect the disease that a patient is suffering from, by inspecting and testing his bodily tissues and fluids. You could work as a chemist, biological scientist, pathologist or a material scientist. Such a job profile requires you to put in long hours of work and you may have to stand for many hours at a stretch in a laboratory or testing center.

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A pharmacist is mainly involved in distributing medicines to patients and helping them to understand which medicines will benefit them the most and what is the correct dosage to be taken. Having a master’s degree in this field can help you secure the job of a nurse, anesthesiologist, pharmacy technician or even a psychiatrist.

Medical Student

An individual who conducts various types of research on viruses and bacteria is known as a medical student.

Medical Student

He will try to find out the main cause of any disease by holding such research. After having found the reason, a medical student also tries to create a medicine and vaccination which can cure the disease in an effective manner and cure the patient completely.

Biological Scientist

In this field of biotechnology, an individual studies various plants, animals and extremely small organisms which can only be viewed under a microscope. You could become a veterinarian, pharmacist, biomedical engineer or an agricultural scientist if you wish to enter this field and make a career out of it.

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