New Fashion Statement With Metal Accessories For Men

New Fashion Statement With Metal Accessories For Men

New Fashion Statement With Metal Accessories For Men Contrary to what we have grown up believing, men can and do accessorize nowadays. It is quite a popular thing among many men to accessorize. From head bands to wrist bands to metal chains, accessories for men have become extensive and diverse.

Using accessories has become an important style statement for men. There are various looks that men can choose and experiment with. These looks and styles include punk, Gothic, the movie star look and so on. Accessories for men have also diversified with the different looks.

Jewelry is an important aspect of accessories for men. Jewelry such as metal chains, rings, wrist bands, and so on are quite trendy accessories for men. Whereas watches, belts and ties are part of the regular accessories for men, jewelry and metal accessories are newer and funkier. Hence metal accessories are quite a rage with men who want to look cool.

Jewelry is something that always enhances one’s look and style. Jewelry complements clothing and even staple accessories such as belts and watches. Jewelry for men is very different from that of women in that jewelry for men are chunkier, heavier and bigger than the ones worn by women.

Metal accessories for men fall under the category of jewelry and include various pieces such as chains, rings, bracelets and so on. This article will elaborate on the ways in which metal accessories for men have become a new fashion statement.

Metal Accessories For Men

As with any kind of accessory, it always depends on the person who is wearing it. In the case of accessories for men as well, how they look depends on the man who is wearing them. For instance a man who is more flamboyant and showy will in most cases wear accessories which are chunkier, bigger and more in number.

On the other hand, a man who is more low key and less flamboyant will go for pieces of accessories which are fewer in number, and sleeker in design. There are various styles of accessories for men and also different ways in which to wear them. This diversity only proves the interest that men have in wearing accessories. The constantly evolving accessories for men point to the fact that accessorizing can be popular, accepted and a fashion statement for men.

Metal accessories for men are made of materials like stainless steel, platinum, titanium, tungsten carbide or even silver and gold plated jewelry. However, there are more solid varieties of accessories for men which are also very popular. Solid accessories for men are classic. They are versatile and also durable as opposed to the ones which are plated or made of other metals.

New Fashion Statement With Metal Accessories For Men

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Metal jewelry that is of a silver colour, whether it is made of silver or other metals like stainless steel, are more preferred by men. This is because these pieces of jewelry can be accessorized with any colour of clothing or any type of clothing. Also jewelry made from stainless steel and other metals mentioned are inexpensive. Solid pieces of jewelry are simple yet classic and they have a touch of sophistication to them.

Another trend in metal accessories for men is statement jewelry. Statement jewelry is daring and commanding. It falls under the category of heavy and chunky jewelry. These pieces of jewelry are thicker, heavier and bigger than others. Statement jewelry includes chains, pendants, rings and wrist bands.

Different Kinds Of Metal Accessories For Men

Firstly, the chain is an important part of metal accessories for men. Chains are made from a variety of metals including solid ones as well as those made of titanium carbide, stainless steel and other metals. Chains can be sleek as well as chunky.

However, no matter how sleek men’s chains are, they are nowhere as near to be sleek and thin as a woman’s chain. At times, the chains can be complemented with pendants. Pendants for men are usually big and come in many designs.

New Fashion Statement With Metal Accessories For Men

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Some of the most popular designs in pendants for men include crosses, skulls, pirate heads and so on. The chain is worn around the neck and is usually not very long. Certain chains are on the other hand quite long reaching up to the stomach. These chains are known as military chains or dog chains. Dog chains are quite stylish and are perfect for the street style look.

Secondly there are rings. Like the chains, the rings can also be made of a variety of metals. Men’s rings are bigger in size. They can be simple rings like those which are made solely out of the metal, while there are others which are fitted with stones or gems.

Rings which made purely of a kind of metal are more sophisticated in their style than those rings which are chunkier and set with stones. Rings which are set with stones can be quite big and they are nothing like rings for women. At times, rings for men are designed in a way similar to that of men’s pendants. That is, the rings can be engraved with crosses, axes, skulls or anything that can pass as manly enough.

Thirdly, accessories for men also include bracelets or wrist bands. These can be similar to the chains worn around the neck. Bracelets come in both the solid variety as well as in the plated variety. They are made of both precious metals as well as alloys.

Bracelets are among the most popular kinds of metal jewelry worn by men. Bracelets are particularly preferred by men because they can be worn with both formals as well as informal clothes. Like rings, bracelets can also be studded with stones, gems or diamonds.

Finally, ear studs are another variety of accessories for men. Ear studs can be made of precious metals as well as alloys and like rings or bracelets, ear studs also at times have stones and gems in them. Some men wear ear studs only in one ear as a fashion statement but that is limited only to the young adults and teens.