Networking skills to enhance career development


Men have a tendency to collect the business cards to maintain the contacts as better contact can offer better opportunities in future. Networking from early days of career can be the right way of keeping us in the proper track. Networking skills help and there are various ways of initiating the approach of networking from our end. We want to fulfill our dreams and to achieve the desired satisfaction, it is indeed essential to have proper contacts. We search for far and wide contacts but it is prudent to start networking just from the door step.

Opportunities remain, just grab it

Dearth of opportunities is often an excuse, opportunities are available and we just need to exploit them. When we leave an office, we forget the ex-colleagues and this is not at all a positive step. Keeping in touch with people helps and just a mail to all and mentioning personal ID helps. Many people, who also do not want to loose a contact, will definitely revert back. Just calling the past boss in special days of his life like birthday and anniversary can make us remarkable to them.

Online networking

In this era of online communication and electronic commerce, there are different online social networking forums and just by making a profile it is possible to maintain relation with many people. The right approach is indeed essential for maintaining a good relation and we must remember that calling in office hours can be disturbing and this can be the cause of distance.

The right way

Networking works well when the initiative remains from both sides and instead of emphasizing on boring official and professional conversation, it is best to carry on with some interesting topics which seems interesting to the communicator and communicate. We guys enjoy going out with friends and colleagues and whiling freaking out and drinking, we exchange views and a restaurant or a pub. This can be the right place to be intimate with a person you need. It is advisable not to commit anything that is impossible as this may be the major cause of distance between friends.

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