Natural Ways For Hair Straightening For Men

Natural Ways For Hair Straightening For Men

Nowadays, men have become as conscious as women when it comes to styling and managing their hair. They wish to try different types of looks and choose the one that looks best. One of the most common and popular hairstyles that men like is that of straightening the hair which changes their personality completely, giving him a unique look. Hair straightening makes the hair look very glossy and trendy.

Natural Ways For Hair Straightening For Men

Very few men are blessed with straight hair right from birth and in order to change their looks and hair style, they often opt for chemical treatments which can prove to be harmful for the hair. If you go to the salon to get your hair straightened, you can achieve the desired looks quickly without any hassles but the strong chemicals and irons that are used repeatedly, are sure to damage your hair completely and degrade its quality.

Hair straightening is known to be quite expensive and one may need to maintain the straightened hair for weeks to come if they wish to retain the look for a long time. Instead of visiting the salon, you can straighten your hair at home by following some very simple and easy tips.

These tips are absolutely inexpensive and you will not have to maintain your hair on a daily basis after using these tips and techniques for your hair. The best things about such tips are that they do not damage your hair at all, instead enhance the looks and also provide nutrition and strength to your hair.

Hair Straightening Tips For Men


Milk can be one of the best ingredients to straighten your hair. Take a small spray bottle and fill it with milk. Using this bottle, you should spray it on the hair and then even it out with the help of a comb or brush. Rinse your hair after half an hour of applying the milk to get smoothened hair which does not have frizzes.

Ways For Hair Straightening For Men

If you have little curly hair, this is the simplest way to smoothen out your curls. The shafts in our hair become fortified with the help of milk proteins and it also provides nutrition to our hair.


It is advisable to massage your hair with some oil which has been warmed on a regular basis. This conditions your hair and also reduces frizz from your hair. Treating the hair with oil will make your hair look straight and also adds a glossy look to your hair. Also, if oil is applied on the scalp properly it will strengthen your hair and avoids hair-breakage.

Coconut Milk

It has been proved that coconut milk possesses such nutrients which are capable of straightening the hair in a natural manner. After you have washed your hair well, it is best to apply coconut oil for 15 minutes and then rinse it off completely for smooth and soft hair.

Another alternative is to take some lemon juice and mix it well with coconut milk and put this mixture in the refrigerator for half an hour to make the consistency creamy. This mixture should then be applied on the hair and left on it for an hour. Rinse off well for smooth and straight hair.

Egg White

Hair Straightening For Men

Take one egg white and mix it well with half a cup of rice flour to form a fine paste. This paste should be applied on the hair evenly with the help of a comb. The mask should be left on the hair for at least an hour and then washed off with shampoo. It is best to use this paste once a week to get straightened hair.

Banana and Honey

A ripe banana should be mashed well and 3 teaspoons of honey should be added to it. Also add a little bit of olive oil to it. This mixture should be applied to the hair and it should be covered with a shower cap to avoid it from dripping onto the face.

After leaving this mix on your hair for 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water and shampoo properly. Though honey can prove to be a little sticky and may require thorough cleaning, it works wonders for your hair and makes it absolutely soft and straight. This pack should be applied once in 2 weeks.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is easily available in the market. 4 teaspoons of this gel should be mixed with olive or castor oil along with essential oils like that of sandalwood to form a fine paste. This paste should be massaged onto the scalp with the help of your fingertips and washed off with shampoo after at least an hour. Aloe Vera possesses straightening qualities and if this paste is applied on a regular basis, it is sure to make your hair smooth and straight.


Herbs like chamomile, rose, lavender, burdock and cedar wood are capable of making our hair cuticles very soft which results in straightened hair. 3 tablespoons of any of these herbs can be boiled with 3 cups of water along with a bit of vinegar.

This herb mix should be used as a conditioner after you shampoo your hair and should not be washed out from the hair. The hair will remain straight and feel soft to touch for days.


Coconut or olive oil should be massaged onto the scalp well. Then the hair should be covered with a towel which is warm and let it soak for half an hour.

Hair Straightening Tips For Men

Wash your hair with shampoo and comb the hair while it is still wet so that it sets evenly. This procedure should be followed every alternate day for best results. Your hair will become smooth and absolutely straight within days.


Once a person uses yogurt instead of conditioner to straighten his hair, he is sure to use it during every wash. Yogurt has such qualities that it makes the hair extremely soft and silky and straightens out the curls. It should be applied on the hair and left on it for half an hour. A shower cap may be worn to avoid it from dripping. Then the hair should be washed well with a mild shampoo.