Natural Treatments Of Blood Clot

Natural Treatments of Blood Clot

Natural Treatments of Blood Clot Blood is the most important component of our body. If a blood clot takes place at a specific area in the body it can prove to be harmful and painful and should be removed at the earliest. Blood clots can prove to have dangerous effects on a person’s body and even prove fatal if not removed on time. It so happens, that lots of platelets which can be found in our blood group together to solidify causing the blood clot to form.

Blood clot indicates that the blood in our body is not flowing evenly or at the pace which it should. If blood clot occurs in the heart, a person can suffer from serious chest pain which can lead to a heart attack. However, blood clots are commonly found on a person’s legs. The reason being that any body part which is nearer to the heart has less chances of facing a blood clot and legs are the furthest from this vital organ.

Blood clotting can be a result of a serious injury and may need immediate attention. If not treated in time it can swell and aggravate to a great extent making it difficult for the person to walk or even move around. Instead of taking medications to remove blood clots which can prove to be a time-taking procedure, it is advisable to opt for natural remedies which remove the blood clot in a faster and safer way.

Treatments of Blood Clot  Nturally


Ginger is a great way to remove blood clots naturally as it has such properties which can thin the blood in a person’s body. It also prevents the body from clotting any more blood at other places and keeps the person’s blood pressure in check.

How To Treat Blood Clot Naturally

It is advised to eat ginger in all your meals to get rid of blood clots. You can also buy ginger candy from any sweet shops and eat them after meals.

Black pepper

Black pepper is capable of converting the solid blood into a liquid state and also prevents further clotting. A maximum of 5 grams of grounded pepper should be included in your diet on an everyday basis to get rid of blood clots.

Carrot juice

It is advised to drink a lot of fluids and eat loads of fiber when your body faces blood clots as they help increase the flow of the blood releasing the clots. However, it is specially recommended that one should drink at least two glasses of carrot juice on a regular basis in order to remove blood clots in their body. Carrot juice can make the blood flow easily and helps in removing clots rapidly.


Allicin is a blood thinner which is commonly found in garlic. Garlic is especially used when people suffer from serious blood clots in their legs and find it difficult to walk around because of the clots.

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Garlic provides instant relief to a person suffering from these clots. Use a lot of garlic in your food items to remove blood clots quickly.


It is advisable to rub ice on the affected area at least 5 6 times a day. The blood which coagulates inside the body begins to take the form of liquid if a lot of ice is rubbed on it. A few ice cubes should be taken in a soft cloth and rubbed over the clot from time to time. It will not only remove the clot but also lessen the pain.

Hot and Cold packs

One can also opt for hot and cold packs which should be placed on the blood clots alternatively. A hot pack should be rested upon the affected area for around 5 minutes and after a gap of one minute a cold pack should be applied on the same area for 5 minutes. This will help the blood to flow continuously and provide instant relief to the person.

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Turmeric powder

LOX and COX2 are two types of enzymes commonly found in turmeric. They do not let the platelets in our body group together which is the main reason why blood clots. Turmeric is said to have magical healing powers for many problems. Use a lot of turmeric powder in your food to get instant relief.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables like asparagus, broccoli and spinach can heal blood clots rapidly. A person suffering from such clots should eat these vegetables everyday in good quantities.

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Also fruits like banana, apricot and oranges should be eaten everyday to get rid of blood clot. It is advisable to drink a glass of orange juice every day. They will not only remove blood clots form your body but also help you to stay healthy and energetic.


Walking on a daily basis will help keep the body active and the blood circulation healthy. This will prevent blood from clotting and even if a clot occurs, it will be really beneficial in removing the clot easily. It is advisable to start walking slowly if you are facing a blood clot in your leg and increase the speed gradually. You will notice that the blood clot starts disappearing within a few days.


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Massaging the affected area also provides relief to the person. However, vigorous rubbing is not required. Press the surrounding area of the blood clot slightly to increase the blood flow all around. This will in turn remove the clots slowly and help the blood to move which has clotted in one place.


Ginkgo improves blood circulation to a great extent. This plant has such properties that it helps the blood in our body to flow smoothly by reducing the clotting in an effective manner. It should be consumed on a daily basis to get rid of painful blood clots.

Though there are a number of natural ways to treat blood clots, it is suggested that preventing them from occurring is what we should all aim at. A person who exercises daily, does not sit in one place for a long time, maintains an active lifestyle, keeps his body fit and does not smoke has very less chances of facing a blood clot in his body.

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