Natural Treatment Of Plantar Wart

Natural Treatment Of Plantar Wart

There are innumerable health conditions and problems that a person might have to face in their lifetime. It is practically impossible to stay away from all kinds of illnesses and you will definitely experience at least a couple of them from time to time. While talking about illnesses, there are some that will occur internally and cause adverse effects on the internal organs and then there are yet others that are no so serious but will show on your skin and are known as skin diseases and infections.

Natural Treatment Of Plantar Wart


According to researches, the later can a lot of times also be a result of the internal health problems. But in many cases skin infections are a result of bacteria or viral accumulation on the body thus leading to skin issues. These infections can be quite painful, disdained, uncomfortable as well as a blow to your perfect look and persona. These reasons are enough for you to work towards some treatments for the problem as soon as possible.

One of the many skin conditions that are prevalent is known as Plantar Wart. In simple terms if we try to define this condition it is wart that specifically occurs at the sole of the foot which is caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus. The painful callus is something that can become unbearable in many cases.

However, treatment is something that you should definitely look into once you are sure that you are facing a plantar wart. Medications and drugs are not suggested for patients since it is not a serious health hazard and medicines have their own side effects.

It is always better to substitute this by natural and 100 percent safe treatments that will be effective on the warts and treat them permanently. Here this health guide is to help you achieve your goals in the most convenient manner by giving you all the researched home and natural cures under the same list.

How to Treat Plantar Wart Naturally

Importance of Keeping the Feet Dry

If there is any moisture left in the feet, it will only aggravate the accumulation of virus in the wart and thus worsen the condition to a severe level. It is always suggested that the feet should be dry until and unless the problem subsides completely.

Plantar warts can multiply in moist conditions. To prevent this, you can use cotton socks to keep the warts safe and dry. This will also let the skin breathe and sweat to evaporate easily. However, socks should be changed twice in a day for better results. You can even add some backing powder or corn starch in the socks that will help in absorption of moisture and sweat completely.

Use Garlic Juice 

Freshly extracted garlic juice is yet a good remedy for treating the plantar warts in a safe and sound manner. All you need is a clove of garlic that can be crushed to take out the juice and then directly applied to the wart.

Treatment Of Plantar Wart

The anti viral properties of garlic will work wonders in improving the skin infection completely. In fact, garlic is one of those products from the kitchen that can treat any type of warts you might be facing.

Mild Acids from Kitchen Racks

There are certain mild acids and liquids that is a good natural treatment for plantar warts if applied daily and with dedication. You should keep on the home remedy until the problem completely subsides and you get back your clear feet again.

Some of the liquids that are highly beneficial and falls in the category of mild acids include apple cider vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice and even white vinegar. Use any of these acids on the plantar warts twice daily with the help of a cotton ball. They tend to exfoliate the warts gradually and give you visible outcomes in a couple of weeks.

Advantage of Essential Oils

There are some very good and pure essential oils that can work really well on the plantar warts. All you need to know is which ones will prove beneficial for the treatment. One of the many is lemon balm oil that soothes the skin, softens the warts and treats them gradually without any side effects. Birch oil is another perfect example where essential oil for plantar warts is concerned.

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Any of these essential oils can be applied to the area twice in a day and get good results in disappearance of warts. Tea tree oil can also help you a long way in getting desired results where plantar warts are concerned.

Use Vitamin A Capsules

Vitamin A capsules can be used to treat the plantar warts. You can use the content of the same on the affected areas either once or two time in a day to treat the warts in a simple and easy way. The anti oxidant content in vitamin A is really helpful in getting healthy skin and treat infection.

Hot Water Soak

This is a very slow process of treatment for plantar warts but then a natural remedy that should be mentioned for your benefit.

Plantar Wart Cure

All you need to do is soak the feet in hot water for about 90 minutes everyday to get some hyperthermic treatment for the warts. However, it will take months before you actually get rid of the plantar warts.

Use a Duct Tape

An interesting way to cure plantar warts is to cover the feet completely with a duct tape and it should be kept like that for the next 10 days or so. Remove the tape after the mentioned time period and then soak the feet in lukewarm water for sometime. Using a pumice stone, rub the warts gently and repeat the same until the problem subsides completely.

This is an effective and well researched ways for the treatment of plantar warts. Also, it is reasonable on the pocket, so you don’t have to think twice before sticking to it. These are some of the top notch natural treatments that you should pick from for plantar warts.

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