Natural Treatment For Smallpox

Natural Treatment For Smallpox

Natural Treatment For Smallpox Small pox is a disease which is very infectious in nature and can easily spread from one person to another. This disease has been a cause of trouble for years and years and a large number of the world’s population had been affected by this disease at one point of time. Many vaccinations and medicines were also discovered to combat this serious disease which took a lot of time to eradicate this disease almost entirely.

The main characteristics of this disease include eruption of scars on the whole body which dry up completely after a certain point of time and are capable of leaving such marks on the skin which are quite easily visible and permanent in nature. Pustules like formation are seen on the skin which envelope pus within them. These pustules take almost 2 weeks to dry up completely and this drying of the skin is accompanied by severe itching in the affected areas.

The person may also experience high fever when suffering from small pox. Other symptoms include backache, headache, vomiting and fatigue. A blood sample of the patient is taken and special laboratory tests are done to confirm the disease.

It is advisable to opt for natural ways of treating small pox instead of going for medications and artificial treatments, especially when d person suffering from the disease is a young or adolescent child. The reason for this is that a child’s body is very sensitive and all the medications we give them can have serious side-effects on them.

Natural Ways to Treat Smallpox 

Use of herbs

Sometimes it so happens that the pustules do not erupt fully, which can prove to be a painful and time taking process. One should boil a few pieces of Jejube fruits along with a little bit of Khaksi. This mixture should then be strained well and a little bit of sugar should be added to it. This syrup should be consumed once a day as it helps in healing the patient faster and in a less painful manner.

Ways to Treat Smallpox

The body of a person, who is suffering from small pox, becomes very dry and itchy. It is advisable to take some leaves of Jhau and Bhojpatra in equal proportions and burn them to get a smoke out of it. The patient’s body should be properly exposed to this smoke as it will help in removing the dryness of the skin and also do away with the infection on the outermost layers of the body.

Figs and Saffron

Boil a few pieces of figs in water, cook and strain it well. After straining, mix some saffron to it and give it to the patient to drink. This syrup helps in healing the pustules rapidly.


Ghee is considered to be very useful in treating small pox. Ghee should be warmed a little and applied all over the affected area and especially on the scars. This removes the itchiness from the body. It also eradicates the scars from the body which would become permanent and dark otherwise.


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It is advisable to drink a lot of fluids, especially water when you are suffering from smallpox. The reason being that small pox can dehydrate your body to a great extent as the patient suffers from vomiting and diarrhea during this phase. Thus it is a good idea to replenish your body with all the water it has lost recently.


One of the best ways to lighten the marks which scars create on your body during small pox is by applying honey on them. Honey has such healing powers that it can even make the scars disappear completely if used on a regular basis. It is advisable to use honey at least 3 times a day.


Raw garlic should be crushed well and applied on the skin and affected areas. This will help to lighten the scars and heal them faster.


Just before you go in for a shower, rub lemon juice all over the body and let it soak for at least an hour. After having done this take a bath with cold water which will clean the skin, making it look new and fresh. Lemon also helps in lightening the scars and reduces itchiness.

Cold milk

Washing your body and face with cold milk helps get rid of the dryness of the skin. The skin may become dark and patchy due to the innumerable scars and the marks they leave behind. Cold milk helps lighten these marks.

Cocoa butter

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Get a full body massage with cocoa butter as this has amazing healing properties. It removes the scars completely without allowing it to leave behind any marks on the body.

Paste of Sandalwood and tea tree oil

A fine paste of tea tree oil and sandalwood should be made and kept under the sun for an hour. This paste should then be applied all over the body before taking a bath. Rinse it off with cold water to get clear skin which will be free from scars.

Food items

It is recommended that a person who suffers from smallpox should refrain from eating salt in the food they consume. Salt can aggravate the situation and cause more and more scars and pustules to form. It is advised to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables along with various types of dairy products. This will help you recover soon, giving you inner strength.

However, it is strongly recommended that a person suffering from small pox should avoid meat items. They should also avoid those food items which are rich in sugar such as cakes and pies along with all kinds of fried foods.

It is very important to isolate a person who is suffering from smallpox as he/she can rapidly spread the infection and other members of the family may also catch the disease. A separate room should be allocated to the patient and no one should be allowed to enter it. This will help in confining the disease to a great extent. It is always better to opt for natural treatments to cure a person of small pox as along with curing the person it gives way to fresh and lively skin, which medicines simply cannot.

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    Seriously? A. Small Pox is eradicated and B. The reason the came up with vaccination and medicines to treat it was because the natural “treatments” DO NOT WORK!