Natural Heel Spur Treatment

Natural Heel Spur Treatment

The other name for heel spur is osteophyte wherein a person faces a tiny growth of bone or a collection of it on the heel’s back or the area beneath it. Though it is not necessary that this kind of growth will cause pain to the person, it is important to treat these spurs as soon as one learns about them to avoid further complications. Most middle-aged men and women seem to be affected by this problem.

Natural Heel Spur Treatment


Very few people actually know that this kind of a bony growth is smooth in nature and quite flat too. They can let callus form in our feet because tissues start building up providing extra cushion to the stressed area. As time passes by, these heel spurs exert pressure on the surrounding ligaments and tendons and are capable of causing harm to tissues and also make them swell up, tear and become painful.

If the muscles and ligaments on our feet get strained again and again, it can lead to heel spur. Also, if the tissue bands which connect our heel and the foot get stretched in excess, it can result in this problem. This spur also takes place when the membranes which line the heels get injured or there is a continuous pressure exerted on the backside of our heels.

People who run, walk or jump a lot and wear ill-fitting or old shoes are more prone to getting these heel spurs. There are many natural ways to treat heel spurs which are quite effective and provide rapid relief to the person suffering from these spurs.

Treatments For Heel Spur Naturally

Taking Rest

The first and the foremost thing to do after knowing that you are suffering from heel spurs is to take complete rest and avoid indulging in those activities which cause strain on the heels. Athletes should take a break from walking, running or jogging while other people should rest on the bed for a few days. The inflammation caused by the heel spur settles down with rest and also the pain gets eliminated.

Ice Packs

Heel Spur Treatment

If the person experiences pain because of the heel spur, he should immediately apply ice packs on the affected area and continue to do so every few hours. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of heel spur and does not allow the area to swell.

Stretching and exercising

There are tissues which are found in the neighboring area of the heel bone and these needs to be stretched and exercised to make the person feel better. It is advisable to stretch two times a day and practice some simple exercises every day.

Night Splints

When a person is asleep it is important to wear these splints which are L-shaped and made of fiberglass. They help to stretch out the plantar fascia at night. After wearing them, one should wrap a cloth around them to ensure that they stay in place the whole night.


A special therapist who would have expert knowledge o heel spurs should be contacted so that he can relieve the person from the pain caused by this problem.

Treatments For Heel Spur Naturally

It is important to massage the whole foot along with the lower portion of the leg to that it becomes light, free and reduces the pressure on the heels. The scar tissues also break up due to the massage.

Reduce Body Weight

If a person is overweight and is suffering from heel spur, then they should resort to losing weight. The reason behind this is that an obese person exerts excess pressure on his feet and heels. This pressure can result in heel spurs and cause pain in the area. If a person is able to reduce weight, the pain along with the swelling is also likely to reduce.

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Stop Wearing High Heeled Shoes

Women who suffer from heel spurs should immediately stop wearing all kinds of high-heeled shoes as they aggravate the problem to a great extent. They make the heel’s ligament stretch in excess and give rise to a lot of stress in the heel and foot area. A person should resort to wearing only flat shoes which are extremely comfortable and relaxing to wear. The shoes should also possess good motion so that the heels become stabilized.

Physical Therapy

A person who does not wish to go in for surgery can naturally cure the problem of heel spurs if he resorts to physical therapy on a daily basis.

Heel Spur Cure


Physical therapy helps the heels to recover quickly and reduce the inflammation. A person who specializes in this kind of a therapy should be contacted for consultation.

Linseed Oil

The best natural way to cure heel spurs is with the use of linseed oil. This oil should be warmed and a cotton cloth should be dipped into the warm oil completely. The cloth saturated with linseed oil should be applied on the heel and covered with a big plastic all around. After the plastic is tied securely, a heated pad should be used to provide warmth to the pack for a minimum of 2 hours. The swelling gets reduced quickly and this softens out the bone spurs along with the feet.


Herbs like curcumin, bromelain and white willow bark have anti-inflammatory properties and help to lessen the pain along with the swelling on the feet.

How To Treat Heel Spur

A maximum of 500 milligrams should be taken each day to get fast relief from the problem. They can be taken as dried extracts or in the form of tea. These herbs are one of the best natural cures for heel spurs without any side-effects at all.

Add Cushion to Shoes Heels

The shoes that one wears when suffering from heel spurs should be cushioned well near the heel area. This gives added support to the heels and also prevents any further damage to the affected area.


Acupuncture is an effective way to treat heel spurs as they dissolve the spurs and cure them rapidly. A person who is an expert in acupuncture should be consulted for best results as he will be able to understand the severity of the problem and treat you accordingly.

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