Natural Cures For Spondylitis

Natural Cures for Spondylitis

Many people across the globe suffer from spondylitis and experience a lot of pain in the spine region. There is inflammation in the sacroiliac joints and the low back portion pains a lot. This kind of a disease can cause the spine to become stiff and immobile and also lead to a deformation in all the joints surrounding the spine. If the spondylitis increases too much, the person’s eyes might swell up and there may be an inflammation in the heart valve.

Natural Cures for Spondylitis


A person can get spondylitis for many reasons. Some of the common ones include deficiency in taking nutrients, allergies to certain food items and unknowingly consuming them and damage to the intestine. It may also occur if there is a change in the flora or an increase is seen in the bowel permeability. If a person eats too much of dairy products along with meat items, then the intestine gets acidified and may give rise to spondylitis.

Spondylitis can create a lot of problems for the person and may further complicate if not cured on time. It is always better to opt for natural and chemical-free ways to cure spondylitis that have an immediate and long-lasting effect on the person. There are a number of natural ways to cure spondylitis and these should be resorted to immediately after being diagnosed with spondylitis. They help to reduce the pain to a great extent and also ensure that this pain does not reoccur.

Ways To Cure For Spondylitis


Exercise can help a person to reduce the pain that occurs from spondylitis. It is important to exercise on a regular basis and increase the amount of physical activities that you do in a single day as this helps make our body become flexible and also lessens the stiffness that is caused due to spondylitis.

Cures For Spondylitis

You should start the workout with such exercises that loosen up our muscles and without overexerting yourself. You should gradually exercise till such a time that you feel comfortable and are able to do the exercises with ease.

Proper posture

Maintaining a good and proper posture is very important for a spondylitis patient. A person who suffers from this kind of a disease can hunch after a few days. This kind of a posture strains the joints even more and should be avoided at all times.

It is very important to stand absolute straight at all times and keep the back straight when seated. When sitting with another person, allow them to correct you if you own a wrong posture or sit in a hunched manner.


Acupuncture is the art of putting in really fine needles into the human skin at a specific place or point which helps to heal diseases and cure pain. These needles help to send such signals to the brain and the spinal cord that in turn release molecules to lessen the pain which is caused by the disease. It is best to consult an acupuncturist specialist who will carry out the acupuncture in a safe and effective manner and help relieve the pain to the maximum.


Massaging the affected area reduces the stress and pain which is associated with spondylitis and provides a lot of relief to the person. People who specialize in such kinds of massages that reduce pain should be consulted for immediate and long-lasting results.


The kind of food that we eat has a direct affect on spondylitis and in order to cure it and reduce the pain, one needs to alter the kind of diet he has been eating till now.

Ways To Cure For Spondylitis

It is important to reduce the intake of sugar, wheat items, dairy products, meat, potatoes and coffee when suffering from spondylitis as these items can increase the pain and aggravate the situation. It is recommended to eat a whole lot of legumes, fishes, eggs, green vegetables and fresh fruits on a regular basis to reduce the pain and cure the disease.

Lime Juice and Salt

In order to reduce the pain, a person should drink a glass of lime juice with a teaspoon of salt added in it, preferably in the mornings. It is best to take this juice on an empty stomach so that it works well.

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Garlic has been proven to be one of the best natural ways to treat spondylitis. When having the lime juice, try to chew 2 or 3 cloves of raw garlic on an empty stomach in the mornings. Another way to use garlic is to heat a little bit of mustard oil along with 5 garlic cloves and apply this oil on the affected area and massage it. This will greatly reduce the pain.

Lose Weight

People who are overweight should seriously try to lose weight. Excess weight puts undue pressure on your back and increases the pain in the area. Also, people who are overweight are more prone to getting spondylitis and other problems which trigger off pain. Try to do cardiovascular exercises every day like swimming, jogging, walking and running and maintain a slim and fit body.


Physiotherapy helps to treat spondylitis in an effective manner and by following a suitable regime on a daily basis; a person can cure the disease effectively.

Spondylitis Cure

Consulting a physiotherapist who will work out a unique regime as per your requirements is the most advisable thing to do as this will provide you with a personalized guide and routine to be followed. You can also enroll for a group programme where a few people who are suffering from this kind of a problem get together and exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist.


A relatively new form of therapy which works wonders in treating spondylitis is hydrotherapy where a person exercises inside water, usually in a swimming pool to relax the back muscles and also reduce the pain. This kind of a therapy helps to improve the blood circulation in the body and also increases the flow of oxygen. It is not of any concern if you do not know how to swim, as hydrotherapy does not require the person to swim under water.

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