Mistakes Made by Men in Bed


All humans make mistakes, but there are some mistakes that men make in the bed that can leave his prospective lover feeling quite deflated and completely turned – off sexually. She is likely to leave you high and dry after some of these blunders, leaving you to wonder what went wrong.

Facial Hair

Many women love a man with facial hair and find it very attractive. They may run their fingers through your mustache, goatee or beard. If you choose to take that a step too far by rubbing those harsh whiskers on the sensitive parts of her body, you are likely be left alone to wonder where her sex drive went.

Radio Dials

One of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body is her nipples. Listen up guys, they are not radio dials and not to be twisted or turned as though you are trying to change the channel.

Instead, cup the entire breast and lick those super sensitive nubs, or gently suck them. Don’t stay stuck on them for too long, explore her entire body. Always use a loving gentle touch on her breasts and nipples or you may be left to wonder why the channel changed.


While men tend to take breaks in their sexual activity, most women don’t. Women tend to lose their level of arousal very quickly. If you stop to take a smoke, answer a phone call or even get distracted by something on the radio or television, you may as well be prepared to start all over again from the beginning.

Put the Schedule Away

Most men feel they need to follow a schedule but when it comes to love making, put the schedule away. Following a schedule or regimen can take the fun and excitement out of the experience.

This is the main reason that couples who have been married for a long time often lose interest in sex. It can become monotonous or boring. Women love surprises because that keeps things exciting.

Slow Down

Men tend to just pull off their clothes and jump right in to the actual act of intercourse. Undress slowly and seductively or better still, undress her first, but take your time.

While it’s true that sex often puts out a fire, you are not a fireman sent in to do a job. Just the opposite is true, you must build a good fire before you can begin to think of putting one out.

Being Cordial

Saying thank you at the end of a fire storm of passionate love making only tends to make you sound like she’s done you a favor and can make you sound quite desparate. If you are not a charity case, don’t thank her.