Men’s Waxing

Men's Waxing

Today, excess body hair in men has no relationship with manhood. Men of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, sexual orientations and professionals are making attempts to remove  unwanted hair from their bodies.

The most common areas where men do not want hair are their chest, back or the bikini area. For most of the men, waxing has to do with fresher feeling and also to enhance their sex appeal.

Men’s hair does not have the same characteristics as that of the women’s. Because of this, the waxing products available for women are useless for men. Waxing products for men should be effective enough to remove darker, coarser and thicker hair. Also with beauty product industry growth, there are a plenty of products that are available for men’s waxing.

Veet Wax Strips

Men’s wax strips from Veet are quite effective in removing short length hair that is up to 2 mm in length. A single container contains 20 big-sized waxing strips that are specially designed to fit the often waxed areas in a male body such as arms, legs and back. These strips are reusable up to four times and thus an important and economical alternative to other disposable wax strips.

Veet Gel Cream

Veet gel cream just needs to be scraped on the skin in order to remove hair. It is an effective painless alternative to waxing.

Parissa Tea Tree Wax Strips

Parissa offers larger size strips in order to accommodate large sized arms, legs and underarms. The strips can be used anywhere and the results is supposed to last up to six weeks. The re-growth is also sparser and finer.


M4M is a perfect product for those men who have sensitive skin. The product features use of all the natural ingredients such as water, sugar, chamomile, aloe vera and lemon juice. These strips keep you healthy, prevent inflammations and rashes.

Wax ‘n Waxing

This is the product from natural way that features use of natural beeswax. The product not contains any honey or sugar and men also need not use any muslin strips for painful removal of hair. This product just needs to be applied and then rinsed off.