Mens Fantasies


manfantasies Men have all kinds of sexual fantasies. Some are nothing more than exciting ideas and would never be acted upon.  Others are urges that drive behavior.  Below are a few examples of the fantasies men dream up. 

Having sex with a high school teacher, perhaps even in a classroom.

Men imagine having an affair with their best friend’s mother.  This other woman would of course regard him as young, studly and irresistible.

Having intercourse with a superior from the workplace and being so sexually skilled that the superior gives him a raise.

Listening to his sexual partner tell him what she wants done to her can be intensely arousing for men.  But often women are too shy and it remains a fantasy.

Picking up a sexy hitchhiker who is grateful for the ride; this is a common fantasy of men who are on long road trips.

Men may dream about a private nurse or a female doctor giving them some extra-special personal care – and then returning the favor!

Some business men fantasize about flight attendants asking them whether they’d like “Coffee, tea, or me?”

Some men fantasize about waking up with a larger penis.  Some wish that their penis would grow an extra inch during the night.

Though no longer airing on television, some men still fantasize about working on the set of Baywatch, so that they can have sex with a bouncy beach babe.

Many men extend their sexual fantasies to such an extent that they dream about becoming an adult film star who is able to have sex with lots of beautiful women.

Plenty of men fantasize about being awakened in the morning by their girlfriends or wives performing oral sex on them.

Not all of men’s fantasies are sexual.  Some fantasize about marrying an imaginary “perfect woman” — a woman who has no problem cooking all the time; a woman who always has a beer ready and never complains about him being drunk.

The male mind can be very fertile ground for fantasies, whether sexual or not.  These fantasies can be fun to act out with their partners, as long as no one gets hurt in the process.