Men Women Avoid


There are men who attract women like pollen attracts bees. These guys seem to be able ‘turn on’ women with just a look. I know many guys who would like to learn some of the tricks these guys have up their sleeves, however, it is not all trickery – some of them are disgustingly lucky! I know that you’re thinking. “Heck, if that was disgusting I would love some of it!” Now, now read on and find out what most women like in a man!

Women like men who are confident, not over confident, just confident. A man who walks with a certain stride and force will display confidence to people observing him.  The way one walks, talks, sits and dresses is all defined by the level of confidence in a man. Women avoid men who are always drooping and are the ‘woe is me types’.

Women usually determine if they want to continue with a man in a relationship during the first few days of courtship and there are some types of men women avoid like the plague. So, if you don’t have the personality of a very successful executive you should at least groom yourself in a way to avoid the following types of characters:

The ‘I need love‘ types; these guys are highly unconfident of themselves and try to make the woman feel like they cannot do without them. Now, in an early part of a relationship a woman will get repelled by such a character. This exhibition of dependence is something that tells her the guy is highly possessive and many women need their freedom. So, show your need for her but don’t ‘latch’ on! Give her some space but at the same time don’t flirt with other women, or else you are inviting trouble.

Women hate men whose every action can be predicted. Try to adjust to situations and don’t have hard and fast rules as to how you are going to react to situations, take things as they come according to your mood…. and hers.

Try to make adjustments for unexpected mood changes. Women avoid men who have a strangle hold on a relationship. Show her you are considerate enough to call off a date if she is not feeling up to it.

Just practice these few characteristics and you will be well on your way learning how to be a man many women will not want to avoid.