Men Hairstyle and Hair Care Tips


Have you ever looked at another man and wondered how he got such great hair. Well, with a little effort and dedication, those hairs can be yours. First you must decide what kind of look you want. Using a celebrity that you want to look like can assist you in choosing a style. Even if you don’t want to look like that celebrity, using his hair as a frame of reference can assist in the search for a style.

Want to Look Like a Millionaire

If you are going for Andy Garcia’s Millionaire Look in Ocean’s Eleven or Pat Riley’s Look, you need forming gel. Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair, if you desire the more natural look.

Want to Look Like a Hero

If you want Keanu Reeve’s hair from The Matrix or Hugh Grant’s debonair look in Bridget Jones’s Diary, you need a forming foam or mousse. This style requires rigid hold and control, and forming products will deliver results besides adding volume. Apply it to wet or damp hair. Blow drying afterwards will create stronger hold.

Want to Look Like a Fighter

If you are working for Ross’ Look from Friends or Brad Pitt’s style as Tyler Druden in Fight Club, you need hair pomade which is one of the latest tools for powerful styling hold that does not feel goopy.

Pomade controls frizz, offers shine and improves follicle strength.  Users notice thicker, easier to manage hair. Apply evenly throughout dry hair.

Choose Products with Natural Ingredients

When selecting products, look for ingredients that will promote hair growth, strength and luster. Herbs, plant extracts and vitamins are all good ingredients to look for when shopping for hair styling tools.

Try Out the Alternatives

Do not be afraid to try more than one look. If you do not like the style you’ve chosen, try another. You must test all options so you can choose what works best for your hair texture, lifestyle and wallet.

In addition, knowing how to have other hairstyles will give you options for occasions such as dates or important business meetings.

Clean and Condition Your Hair

Remember that every hairstyle looks the best when you hair is clean and conditioned. Wash your hair once a week and follow with a conditioner. This will create soft, manageable hair that are easy to style and care for. It will also make all your styles look their best, making you look great.