Memory Killers


Our memory is crucial for ensuring our survival in matters of everyday living as well as specially challenging situations, but it is also a complex mechanism that needs to be properly understood in order to use its full potential.

This is why we are focussing today on elements that are proven memory killers so that you know how to work your memory best as more than the basic physiological process that helps in storing and retrieval of information but which can make you vulnerable to destructive issues if you do not effectively address these memory killers.

At the very basic level, you need to understand that memory killers are destructive forces that can be of two types: external and internal, but both kinds affect the 3 types of memory, e.g. sensory memory and short and long term memory.

In order to ensure your memory killers are recognized and checked and you can correct the downslide of your recollection abilities, you need to check factors like smoking, imbalance of nutritional intake and health conditions rarely spoken about, but which are very real and strong memory killers, like Herpes.

Smoking is the most common and dangerous memory killer, though nicotine is said to improve short-term memory, but prolonged use of cigarettes affects cognitive patterns and causes their decline especially in smokers leading inactive lifestyles. Research also points out that kicking the butt ensures a good memory, giving longer life and improving long-term memory.

A decline in mental abilities is also attributed to malnutrition, especially lack of glucose, which many dieters cut out, thinking it will help weight loss. However, when the brain is short on fuel, it gets all befuddled and dense, similar to a situation of feeling sleepy, which can lead to further disorders in persons lacking thiamine (vitamin B1 in their diet, putting them at a risk for suffering from Korsakoff’s syndrome.

As for Herpes, it is only the severe form of the virus (simplex encephalitis) that impairs the memory severely by causing an inflammation of the brain, affecting the central nervous system, but is thankfully very rare, so it pays to just lay off the smoking and eating healthy to keep memory killers at bay!

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