Max Your Cardio Workout


You may know how to get your cardio workout outfit perfectly co-ordinated to suit your partner’s and even how to time your exercise to finish first in your class and possibly improve your breathing too, in the process. But, did you know there are ways to actually max your cardio workout with only a few simple changes that you can incorporate into your regular routine to gain the most benefits in a short period?

If not, now’s the time to begin learning proven, effective ways to max your cardio workout:

In the beginning, it pays to remember that even as you do cardio exercises dedicatedly, there are things you can do to ensure all that sweating works to the best of your favour, whether it is a machine-aided workout or a free-exercise move.

Many people do their cardio exercise while tuned into a sedate TV show, which experts reveal is something that reduces the intensity of the workout in the long-term. In order to maximize the effects of your disciplined cardio workout, drop the boring serial show viewing while doing your exercises; instead, focus on choosing an activity you really enjoy for the half hour or one hour you do take it up! E.g. don’t run if you’re not completely energized by the thought of tying your shoe-laces and go swimming or cycling with a buddy to make it more enjoyable; alternately, those with recreational leisure activity loves like cross-country skiing should consider taking that up thrice a week, just to change the monotony of the cardio workout!

The most important thing to remember in maxing your cardio workout is that it shouldn’t feel like work at all! So, invest in the right exercise gear, (it minimizes chances of injury and also simplifies your workout), focus on the equipment’s effectiveness instead of going for ‘the in-thing’ or something that matches your mood/outfit, be it running shoes or pedometers or swish wristband holder for iPod! This way you ensure you’ll look forward to your cardio exercise and stay motivated to do it right, each time you are scheduled for it!