Masculine Fashion


At the heart of all men’s fashion trends lies the basic need for masculinity to stay blended with showing off purely physical attributes, be it toned legs, narrow hips or broad shoulders. Male fashion is not only about being a clotheshorse for the latest designer wear (its also about knowing what suits your frame and personality best and not following trends blindly).

Of course, by no means should one follow trends and fashion magazine reports blindly just because the NYC and Parisian ramps are endorsing certain styles; some of the so-called cuts and clothes in the name of fashion do not fit regular men or their lifestyle. Besides, most runway models have very different physiques as compared to the common man and so fashion for the metro male is a different ball game altogether.

So, for those not completely clued-in to going about shopping and buying the right sort of clothes for their personality and physique, consulting a style guru at the nearest men’s fashion store (nowadays, there are many online trials for the latest cuts and styles in menswear, which work to virtually give you a good idea of what you’d look like when dressed up in the jacket or suit you’ve chosen by simply uploading a full-length photo from your computer to the store’s software) is highly recommended.

Often, men’s fashion TV shows also feature top designers giving season’s best tips on masculine fashion trends; or, sales personnel at the upmarket men’s stores are good guides for helping match and buy the best styles for formals and casual wear based on your personal preferences for colour, what’s in vogue, what looks good on you (or else take along a female shopping partner to check you out in the outfits) and what fits your budget.

Once you’ve determined what your personal style is, you can easily balance fashion and masculinity by considering your profession, age and amount of socializing after work you’ll require to base your wardrobe on. E.g. for a creative field guy from the ad world, a mod, international style with sleek lines, monochromatic colour palettes besides slim-line fits work well; for a more conventional career person like a lawyer or investment banker types, a tad more conservative approach with solid colour suits, blazers and oxfords would great.