Male Yeast Infection


Yeast infection may be indicative of more serious problems with your health. You might have got infected by Candida, through sex with a person having this disease or it might have even be caused through using some antibiotics, since antibiotics destroy both bad and good bacteria in the body. Diabetes, problems in genital area or HIV can also bring about this condition. Treatment to this disease needs consultation with your doctor, and it is dangerous to go in for over-the-counter medications.

This is mainly a skin disease. Symptoms affect your genital parts, largely. The head of the penis may have soreness, and highly irritated feeling.  There will be severe urge to itch, especially within the foreskin of the penis, which results in blisters on the skin. If left untreated, these blisters can get aggravated, and making both urination and your sex life very problematic.

Other symptoms of yeast infection may be in the form of a discharge from the penis which will be a white sticky substance. The entire area will smell badly, and thus you will feel aggravated and it becomes difficult to socialize with your female partner.

Preventing from being affected by yeast infections, males should ensure that they always perform safe sex, and use condoms while having sex with strangers. Proper hygiene is most essential in this condition. While taking your shower, don’t ever rush out. Take a leisurely bath, cleaning all the parts, especially your genital area, scrubbing it and washing it carefully. The insides of the foreskin should be cleaned, if it is not removed as it is prevalent in some countries. Clean the penis head properly and keep it dry. Above all, don’t have sex with strange people.

Remember yeast infection is not a very common disease, and it occurs only in a few males, and since it is a skin disease, you should handle your skin health carefully. Proper cleaning of genital areas apart, safer sex methods even with your regular partner is suggested, because if you have the disease, you may be transmitting it to her. Cleanliness and safe sexare the two important tools to prevent being infected from yeast in men.