Male Yeast Infection: Types and Treatment

Male Yeast Infection

Male Yeast Infection or Thrush is fundamentally a yeast infection that is caused due to presence of a fungus called Candida albicans. Though the presence of this fungus is important for body as it keeps good bacteria of body under control, sometimes the overgrowth of this fungus can cause Trush.

Candida albicans is a yeast-like fungus that can be found over human body along with good bacteria. Several factors can stimulate its overproduction such as poor diet, stress, antibiotics etc. and cause the good bacteria to get depleted. People with HIV, diabetes and cancer are more prone to problem of thrush.

Some people think that men cannot get thrush but the fact is, like women, men also get this infection, though the cases are quite low. Generally, men suffer from two basic type of thrush: penile thrush and oral thrush. Both of these types have unique symptoms that are quite painful and unpleasant. Thrush is completely treatable and there are simple yet effective ways through which can get you rid of this infection easily.

Oral Thrush

Yellow or creamy white spots can be found on the tongue of those men who have oral thrush. The spots can also be found on the cheek walls and mouth’s roof. Sometimes these spots can also be painful and they may also bleed. Some men also suffer from cracked lips, particularly around the mouth’s corner. These people also have trouble in tasting drinks and foods.

Oral thrush has the capability of spreading up till esophagus and throat. It may deteriorate a man’s ability to swallow food properly. Doctors generally prescribe lozenges or anti-fungal tablets for treatment for oral thrush.

Penile Thrush

Penile thrush is basically a swelling of the head or glans of a man’s penis. This condition can be termed balanitis. Penile thrush is characterized by presence of tiny spots along with the discharge. Generally this discharge has a starchy odor. Some men also experience a buildup that seems like cottage cheese underneath their foreskin. Penile thrush can be contagious and it may spread because of sexual contact. Penile thrush can be treated by using ointments and anti-fungal creams.


Both type of male thrush can be cured by proper exercising, dieting and good hygiene. Men suffering from this problem must wear condoms before indulging in sexual intercourse.