Male Yeast Infection Cure-Instant Relief

Male Yeast Infection

One rarely hears about men with a yeast infection. Candida Albicans is a yeast infection that is prevalent in women because it finds ideal conditions in the female body. In men it is rare. When it happens, it is usually through sexual contact with a woman who has herself been infected and carries the infection, knowingly or unknowingly. Since Candida does not distinguish between men and women, it follows that the treatment to be applied in case of male infection should be practically the same.

Low Immunity an Open Door to Infection

If a man has low immunity, he could easily be infected. Alcoholics generally have low immunity because of the damage to the liver sustained through prolonged alcohol abuse. Another factor is the killing of useful bacteria through a course of antibiotics. The yeast infection finds an open door with nothing to oppose it and soon the person is affected. Foodstuff that are consumed with no ill effects by a majority of people, such as derivatives of the common peanut, peanut butter or whole peanuts, sometimes act to lower the immunity of certain people.

Treatments That Are Available

The same type of drugs that are used to treat vaginal infections could be used by the males. These are usually applied topically on the infected part, generally the groin area and left to work its effect. Certain types of medication that are normally prescribed to women infected by Candida can also be taken by men, always on the recommendation and under the supervision of the physician.

Home Remedies for Candida Infections

Home remedies that contain only natural products are the best solution to a Candida Infection. One that is recommended by practitioners of holistic medicine is that favorite of home remedies, Apple Cider Vinegar. When diluted in an equal quantity of water, it is applied on the infected part. The infection usually disappears after a short while. It should not be applied raw because it is highly concentrated and could burn the delicate tissues of the groin. For instant relief, the best solution is baby oil. When applied on the infected part, it soothes the itching or the pain.