Male Pleasure Positions


We know how important it is to you guys to get the latest updates on how to drive women wild with desire and pleasure, but often in the quest to get the attentions of highly attractive women, men tend to overlook their basic needs; sometimes, this happens in the quest of being considered a more thoughtful partner and other times, it’s just because you don’t want to appear too demanding or self-absorbed about pleasing yourself when you have sex.

However, there is always a need for a certain level of honesty regarding individual needs and desires is always healthy for any adult relationship to grow – so start by learning – and asking for the kind of sexual moves that are sure to make you groove!

Here’s how to derive maximum sexual pleasure out of every bedroom encounter! Learn, apply and enjoy better sex!

The first position is called ‘Cowgirl,’ and is an all-time favourite with most men as it allows for deeper penetration for both partners, which makes for more intense sex. It also saves you a lot of energy, as it requires the woman to do all the work, with just a bit of initial help from you e.g. positioning your organ just right and enjoying the view of her riding you while you lie flat and watch her stimulate you visually and physically.

Male Pleasure Positions

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For women who are shy about their body, you can also try a variation to the traditional cowgirl position and have her reverse her position i.e. she faces the opposite direction so her breasts jiggling or tummy toning doesn’t make her self-conscious. After all, male pleasure positions shouldn’t come at the cost of making the one giving the pleasure uncomfortable – and this way both of you can enjoy an orgasm at the same time!

The other top male pleasure position is called ‘Around The Bend’: it affords deep thrusting like all men like and requires you to bend your woman over any piece of furniture that is comfortable for doing this, have her raise her butt in the air invitingly and her legs apart for allowing maximum penetration from the back. Press your chest against her back for a more intimate experience that is not painful at all for her and intensely satisfying for you.