Male Hair Restoration

Male Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common dilemma, especially among males. It is something that happens naturally to most males as they age. Male hair loss is frustrating because it is irreversible if left untreated. Most men are very vain about their hair; they style it and experiment with different hairstyles. When going out on a date, men are most concerned about how their hair will look more than the clothes that they wear. If a person is suffering from male hair loss, he will no longer be able to style his hair or do anything much to it. This could be very frustrating.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Male hair loss can be caused by many factors. It can be caused by an unhealthy diet, a health condition or too much exposure to chemicals from hair products. Male hair loss can also be hereditary. Some men are born with a predisposition towards baldness. This may be because it is hereditary and most males in the family have also suffered from hair loss.

Treatments and Procedures

There is still hope for men suffering from hair loss because at present there are plenty of modern treatments and procedures that can reverse the effects of hair loss and prevent it from worsening. There are surgical procedures where hair follicles are grafted on the bald spots. This is a simple procedure and is not painful at all. Another option is natural hair loss treatments which is great because it does not involve surgery and uses herbs and other natural ingredients. However, these kinds of treatments will take longer before any results are visible.

The Solution: Hair Restoration

For those who are not willing to wait for months for their hair to start growing, a good option would be male hair restoration. This is a surgical procedure where 2 procedures are done to the patient. The first procedure is the scalp flap surgery where a portion of skin and the tissues under it are surgically removed from one area and transplanted to another area.

The surgeon does this surgery by slicing off an area of the scalp that is already bald and then replacing it with skin from an area of the scalp that is still healthy. This procedure is commonly done on patients with cosmetic repair or to remedy a damaged area of the scalp. The other procedure is scalp reduction surgery which is the surgical removal of the part of the scalp that is bald and the stretching of the surrounding healthy scalp to cover the removed scalp.

Effects Of Male Hair Restoration

Male hair restoration is a painful procedure but given sufficient recovery time, the patient will completely heal. The length of time before new hair growth will begin to appear after surgery differs from patient to patient because it depends on how long it takes for the patient’s wounds to completely heal. It may be a painful surgery but the results can be worth the pain.