Male Hair Loss


Man going bald has become an accepted factor in our lives, even as age catches up with the man. Though many men expect their loss of hair, they cannot escape the psychological trauma that it might bring about.

Known in the medical fraternity as “androgenic alopecia”, hair loss is a common phenomenon amongst men. When you know why you are losing your hair, you may not find much cheer in it but then you will be able to understand why you have lost hair and thus be able to brace yourself to cope up with the baldness.

Mostly men lose hair because of inherited genetic reasons, which they must have got from one of their parents. If you come from a family history which is genetically disposed to witness loss of hair in the men, the hormones which cause masculine looks in you, when you reach puberty, will not function satisfactorily, and even work against itself resulting in hair thinning and hair fall.

It is a kind of gene which is at work to result in changes of the follicles of hair, when a person reaches puberty, though the actual loss of hair can happen in later life. When a boy starts maturing, a kind of testosterone, known as DHT rises, and the follicles of hair which have already been affected, don’t tend to function effectively. Therefore an imbalance in hormones makes the hair follicles to work lesser and this results in thinning of hair and eventually hair fall.

Known as “androgenetic alopecia” this process has many other names as well. If you happen to watch TV late night sales shows, you will notice selling of some drugs in the name of Propecia and Rogaine, which are names for drugs like finesteride and minoxidil, for promoting hair growth in men who have lost hair. There are also gels and thickeners of hair to help you get a better look. There are also a number of herbal remedies for re-growth of hair, which are effective to some extent.

When you find out the reasons for loss of hair, it is the first step towards finding a proper remedy for hair loss, or it can even be the first step to accept baldness.

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