Male Genital Warts, Bad News For The Sexually Active

Genital Warts

Among the common sexually transmitted diseases (STD) male genital warts are widespread. Though these warts will not cause any kind of stress, they are ugly manifestations, which alone can increase your stress levels. Since they are infectious, they can be easily transmitted to your sexual partners through skin contact.

If you have contracted male genital warts, you should immediately get them treated so that life becomes easy. You should speak to your medical expert about the problem, without any kind of embarrassment. Since this is the most common STD, rest assured that you are not the only one suffering from it.

You should however, remember that unless you get them treated, you will not have peace of mind and your sex life and that of your partners will be under stress. When you leave it without treatment, genital warts can lead to cancerous conditions.

Spreading of Genital Warts
Male genital warts can spread from individual to individual through direct skin contact. Since they need not be visible to spread the diseases, you can get them unawares. Some of these warts are so tiny that you cannot see them, but they are contagious.

To prevent the spread of the warts, you should use condoms whenever you have sex, especially with strangers. But condoms may also not be able to prevent warts from spreading. The best method is to treat them and ensure that you get rid of the warts.

When you suspect having male genital warts, get yourself medically checked and determine the condition. If you have been diagnosed, there are a number of options for treating them. Laser burning of warts is an option and so is nitrogen freezing. They will however leave slight scars, but these are effective ways to get rid of them.

You can also use creams and gels to treat them, which are available in drug stores, but before using you should consult your doctor since they are not likely to work for every one.

Apart from the fact that they are embarrassing and can affect your libido or sexual function, especially if your partner notices them, it is necessary to ensure that you do not spread the diseases and as such early treatment is essential.