Male Fashion Tips


Have you often wondering why you’ve come across so many men covertly looking through the pages of a women’s magazine – yes, including your kid brother and your office co-worker? It’s because the top women’s magazine are always discussion men and men’s fashion besides giving clues into what attracts women to a certain kind of man (read the well-dressed variety). And, let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to learn foolproof ways of impressing the female sex if changing their wardrobe around and picking up their most impressionable fashion tips covered the ground for them?

So, here we are presenting you with the top male fashion tips (and yes, they’ve been revealed to us from the woman’s perspective, so you better listen up if you want to change your dating and mating ratings, guys!)

The best way to get your wardrobe in top condition is to take along female company who is sure to know budgets, styles and trends being naturally attuned to these factors that the typical man overlooks in his hurry for branded and seasonal wear outfits. Women also have a keen interest in shopping and are not likely to get bored fast enough for you to worry about not having found the perfect fabric, fit, pattern or colour for a particular type of wardrobe – say for instance, business wear or adventure holiday wear!

Besides, a woman is accustomed to shopping and will have more experience dealing with salespersons fobbing you off with less flattering cuts or styles and so as shopping partners, they’ll get you the best butt-hugging jeans, pick shoulder seams just right on a blazer and also help you team ties with shirts (yes, not matched with socks!) effortlessly! So take along a woman when shopping for fashionable clothes!

If that’s not immediately possible, research international trends in men’s mags (online and print both) for the latest dressing styles advocated for men, hit the markets for off-season deals (preferably at a good menswear store where assistants can help you choose the best style for yourself at lower rates) and go by the best masculine fashion trends favoured by European and North American fashion houses for men as these are sure to decide the fashions for the rest of the men’s world too!