Low Testosterone Levels and Sexual Moods

Low Testosterone levels1

When you have Low Testosterone levels, it is possible that you will be in no mood to have sex, and also you will experience difficulty in having and maintaining an erection, which is a condition known as Erectile Dysfunction. Though this declining level of Testosterone is common, many people often overlook its symptoms, confusing them with other health issues. Many people leave the condition untreated.

Since Testosterone is needed for sexual function, studies have proved reduced frequency, declining size as well as erectile rigidity when men suffer from this condition. It can also affect your level of energy and you may have lesser interest in sex.

Most men having Type-II diabetes also suffer from low Testosterone, though they do not get the condition treated and instead feel frustrated.

Men feel difficulty in talking about their sexual strength to their partners and they feel embarrassed to tell that they do not have skills to properly satisfy a woman.

The following tips should help you in this respect.

Remember your spouse is also worried. Even as you notice the declining sexual activity, your wife also would have noticed and she would also be worried about it. Therefore, it is necessary to treat this problem as early as possible before it does more damage to your relationship with your wife.

Find a correct time to talk to your wife or partner about this important issue and get the facts known to her.

Remember this is only a medical problem and it is not a weakness. It can be treated. When you and your partner know more about low Testosterone, you will be able to deal with this issue better.

If you’re a senior, you may be thinking that the decline in sex drive is part of aging process. Though there is gradual loss of interest in men due to aging, a sudden loss of interest and difficulty in getting an erection can be due to a medical reason and you should take time to discuss the matter with your doctor. Remember lesser sexual drive is not part of aging.