Love Making–Spruce Up Your Life


Now I know that every guy thinks he is a master in the bedroom, I though so too – until I realized that it was not so exciting any more. Same Partner Syndrome? Not really guys, I am a one woman man and AIDS has nothing to do with the scare of multiple partners – well not most of the time!

The fact of the matter is that like work, love making can become ‘routine’. This is where the boredom starts and the fun ends. If you find that you are beginning to get disinterested in activities of the bedroom this is an indicator for some remedial action. Let us begin with changing the setting. There is nothing wrong with taking your love making out of the bedroom for a change. Try the front room or a hotel or some place where the ambience is different. Most of the times a change in scene will make the experience feel like the first time.

You must also work at making time for lovemaking. Take time out, indulge in some foreplay, and lead up to the main event – its all about living the experience. One good idea is to constantly get her some new lingerie. The soft lacy types always seem to work magic for her and him. It does seem to set the mood a bit. Besides, new lingerie makes a very good gift and the subsequent results can be very rewarding, if you know what I mean.

Many times the lady will come with an excuse of a headache or something. If this happens too often try to get to the root of the mater. It may be something at work, an over dose of the kids or something. Find out what it is that is making her dismiss the thought of making love – it could be the pill for which you will need to consult your doctor but make a change. Go out on a vacation; take a break from the daily grind. It will only work for the better.

It is very important to keep live making a very crucial part of your life – a lot depends on it – including good health, of mind and body!


  • evans